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About Us

A wedding is one of the most memorable experiences an individual goes through in his or her lifetime. It ought to be special! Powered by Tingg Media LLP, our mission at GetWedSoon is to help make your wedding the grandest occasion of your life.


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We understand how easy it’s to miss out on those intricate aspects while planning a wedding. At GWS, our team keeps this in mind and strives to post no-nonsense stuff that is practically helpful to you.

To start off, we provide you with a very handy and well-researched ‘6-month Wedding Planning Timeline and Checklist‘ to plan your celebration well in advance. We also care enough about those small things like some creative ideas for Wedding Favors that might reflect your persona while also ensuring that your guests leave with a smile on their face.

Our team at GWS gives you a way to treasure your memories with some really unique Wedding Guestbooks ideas. Most important, we endeavor to help you make a better choice of Wedding Rings based on your budget and lifestyle.

Other than these, we also keep posting some miscellaneous articles trying hard to bring about maximum value to our readers. Hope we go on a long journey together. All the Best!


Shusree Mukherjee

Shusree Mukherjee is a freelance content writer who has been working for over four years. She never believed that freelancing could help earn a living, just like you never imagined the existence of smart homes!

As our digital world is achieving new milestones every day, there is a constant requirement for great products and greater content. Shusree’s favorite niches are travel, lifestyle, home improvement, healthcare, food, relationships, beauty, and anything that helps her create and cultivate more.

Shusree is also a theatre enthusiast and that’s how she is pursuing acting. She believes in creativity and loves anything related to building something new. Be it content or an act, she makes sure it’s unique and exclusive. She believes that everyone looks for ways to express, and her ways are either to pen it down or to enact.