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Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Top 15 Bottle Opener Wedding Favors ideas 2017

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A relaxed Sunday afternoon, you’re prepared to chill out with a bottle of wine or just right in the mood for a shot of whiskey. Where the heck is my bottle opener?! Damn, I misplaced it again!  

Sounds like you? Well, it happens to everyone. After all, who has so much time and patience to place a bottle opener properly?!

Why do you need a good Opener?

Agreed, it’s a very handy and useful product. But, with its usually compact and pocket-sized design, it’s always at the risk of getting lost in the crowded drawers or even getting accidentally thrown out.

Well, when that’s the case, what actually happens is this: you keep stressing yourself searching here and there just for a piece of metal with which you need to unlock a bottle of de-stressor. What an irony!

So instead of sticking to the common small bottle opener designs, why not try a different one and end your misery in a never-ending search? It is a known fact that something you buy out of love and passion always remains close to your heart, and of course, you’re not gonna throw it away!

Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Why not offer some eye-catching and unique designs of bottle openers as wedding favors, that your guests can always hold close to their heart? Check out some really stylish and unique designs, which you and your guests will fall in love with, at first sight!

Top 16 Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Bottle openers come in a wide range of varieties of visual styles, many with fun and entertaining appearance. Practically, though, they are all the same. Among the very wide variety of bottle openers used professionally or casually around the world, here are a few that could help you find the bottle opener that best suits your taste and needs:

1. Bstean Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Favors

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Check Price on Amazon!

End those irritating episodes of finding a bottle opener whenever you’re about to sip your favorite drink! Bstean bottle opener can easily be mounted on wood, concrete, stone or any wall to always be in the same spot anytime.

This bottle opener is finished with thick and heavy brush plating and lapping, making it absolutely rust-proof. Undeniably a perfect anti-rust outdoor bottle opener!

2. Fleur De Lis Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Fleur De Lis Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Check Price on Amazon!

This is definitely a bottle opener that can take you to the bygone age with its vintage design by Kate Aspen. Crafted with elegance and classical design, this bottle opener is perfect for a souvenir to cap off a lovely occasion!

Fleur de Lis Bottle Opener is presented with delicate, cream-colored fleur de Lis-themed gift boxes that guests will surely love! Absolutely a kitchen, bar, and picnic-basket essential!

3. Kate Aspen Shine Sparkle & Pop Diamond Bottle Opener

Kate Aspen Shine Sparkle & Pop Diamond Bottle Opener

Check Price on Amazon!

Decorated with acrylic diamond decoration, this bottle opener bling will help you make that engagement official! See how it shines and sparkles in your party.

Bottle opening will never be the same once you have tasted a wine capped with a ‘jewelicious’ flavor just like this!  It even comes with a gift box designed subtly, intricately and with a white-organza bow at the top.

4. Kate Aspen’s Let’s Go On Adventure Bicycle Bottle Opener

Bicycle Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Check Price on Amazon!

Kate Aspen’s bicycle bottle opener is a perfect souvenir for occasions that celebrate adventures in life. May it be a wedding celebration, birthday or a newborn baby party, take these bottle openers with you.

You can also make use of the attached tag, proudly stating “let the adventure begin.” Offer them to guests as they leave and let them be reminded that, even though they were celebrating your new beginning, it doesn’t mean they can’t have their own!

5. Kate Aspen Let the Adventure Begin Airplane Bottle Opener

Airplane Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Check Price on Amazon!

Another Kate Aspen bottle opener made just for you! This is undoubtingly another token for your guests on your special occasion. Amaze your guests with its polished pewter airplane design!

6. Double Down Rustic Vintage Key Bottle Opener

Vintage Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Check Price on Amazon!

Searching for an inexpensive yet classy wedding and party favor? This beautiful vintage style skeleton key shape bottle opener is what you’ve been looking for!

The rustic and vintage design of this bottle opener adds accent and character to decorations in your events! It even comes with escort tags that you can utilize.Truly a key to event success!

7.   Fashioncraft Key to My Heart Collection Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

Check Price on Amazon!

This Key to My Heart Collection key design bottle opener will not only open bottles but will also open your guests’ hearts. It is an excellent keepsake for your events such as birthdays, get-togethers, reunions or weddings.

This bottle opener is designed by Fashioncraft and made with the highest quality materials. Quality that will never betray you. Certainly, a must have premium product line!

8. DLWedding Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

DLWedding Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

Check Price on Amazon!

A bottle opener made of a metal alloy, kraft paper, and twine. This key bottle opener from DLWedding comes with a vintage style favor box and tags that are beautiful and practical to use as wedding favors.

These are favor boxes with a key-shaped bottle opener and a tag saying “Thank you for sharing our special day”.

You can also try and enjoy other different selection of key style bottle openers from DLWedding. Surely a great decoration for vintage or rustic weddings!

9. Gerah Magnetic/Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener with Bottle Cap Catcher

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Check Price on Amazon!

Effortlessly open your bottle even with just one hand with Gerah Magnetic Wall Mounted Beverage Bottle Opener. Use it with ease in your kitchen or in your home bar! Collect bottle caps with its magnetic catch perfect for decoration to any room!

You can choose whether you like to hang it using its magnet at the back and put it in your fridge or you want to nail it on the wall. You’re choice!

10. Starfish Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Starfish Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Check Price on Amazon!

These starfish design bottle openers are best for beach themed celebrations. It will surely be starring and elegant at your event or even just at your rest house by the beach!

Finished with shiny silver metal chrome in the shape of a starfish, it is totally a great catch! Each starfish favor comes with beach themed box with detailed sand and shell design perfect for keeps!

11. Sky Solutions Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

Wall Mounted Bottle Openers Wedding Favors

Check Price on Amazon!

Not all wall mounted bottle openers are the same! Sky Solutions bottle opener is different from them all! Using this bottle opener will make everything easier. You can take back your happy hour with this bottle opener!

Once you own the Sky Solutions Wall Mounted Bottle Openers, you can confidently listen to your friends and relatives as they vent their frustrations and gently smile, remembering the time when you used to feel that helpless!

12.   Wilton Key Bottle Opener Favor Kit

Wilton Key Bottle Opener Favor Kit

Check Price on Amazon!

This bottle opener favor kit makes a practical and elegant gift for your wedding guests.These are a nice weight and covered in a shiny silver metal color.

There is also an additional feature where you can add a personalized tag and place one in each table setting. Kit includes 18 key-shaped bottle openers, 18 ‘print your own’ inserts, and 18 white ribbons. You’ll be surprised at how well made these keys are!

13. Marrywindix Flip-flop Bottle Opener

Flip-flop Bottle Opener

Check Price on Amazon!

Not only will you be refreshed from your drink but also from this beach themed bottle opener. It features a cool and invigorating design that guests will definitely love and keep handy! They’ll surely think of you every time they use this smart flip-flop favor.

Mini flip-flop bottle opener is crafted out of brushed metal with a rubber thong in turquoise. It comes with a Clear beach-themed display box with a backdrop of the sandy shore. It is also accented with a cute little starfish.

14. DLWedding Favors Vintage Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

Vintage Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

Check Price on Amazon!

Another DLWedding vintage skeleton key bottle opener that features a vintage style perfect for weddings and other special occasions. These bottle openers are meticulously made of metal alloy and kraft paper.

The keys are gorgeous, the cards are great quality, & the twines are perfect for tying them together. What more can you look for? Surely it will be a huge hit as wedding favors especially when the guests find out they are bottle openers.

15. Kate Aspen Symphony Chrome Music Note Bottle Opener

Music Note Bottle Opener

Check Price on Amazon!

Kate Aspen Symphony Chrome Music Note Bottle Opener is ideal for music lovers! Bottles popping on a summer day are music to everyone’s ear so why not pop them with a music treble bottle opener?

There’s no better way to end a special event than on a positive note! A chrome treble clef with a bottle opener at the bottom will surely spice up your occasion as you offer it to your guests.

Top 6 Bottle Stopper Wedding Favors

After taking a sip on your favorite drink, it doesn’t always happen that you finish the whole bottle you popped, isn’t it? On times like this, you might want to do your best to preserve your precious drink as much as possible. You don’t want to say bye-bye to the bubbles in your sparkling wine either.

Fortunately, you live in a generation abounding with wine accessories. Among the sundry wine gizmos out there, a wine stopper is what you need. Most of these are affordable and can guarantee good quality. It’s just that you have to choose the right product and brand.

Bottle Stopper Wedding Favors

So what should you consider in selecting the right bottle stopper for you? The crucial factor, clearly, is the tightness of the seal. Of course, it should fit the lip of the bottles that you usually have. Durability is also one of the factors to consider in purchasing a bottle stopper.

You don’t want to use a bottle stopper that will eventually betray you in just a short span of time, right?

There is a wide variety of wine stoppers for purchases and each of them has a distinct reaction to the wine. A right stopper can make all the difference in the world when preserving wine.

Here are some you can choose from:

1. Aerator Vacuum Stoppers Barvivo Leakproof

Aerator Vacuum Stoppers Barvivo Leakproof

Check Price on Amazon!

Aerator Vacuum Stoppers BarvivoLeakproof is perfect for pouring and aerating your wine while preserving its delicious taste. It can even make a cheap bottle taste 3 times better!

Unlike other aerators, pourers, and preservers, Barvivo assures you a leak-proof quality. With its rustic and decorative package plus its high-quality service, this is an ideal gift set for anyone at any event. Don’t compare on price because with Barvivo vacuum stopper, you get what you pay for!

2. Genie Bottle Stopper Wine Saver

Genie Bottle Stopper

Check Price on Amazon!

Looking for a funny and adorable wine stopper? Genie in a bottle stopper wine saver set is the answer for that! No matter what event, a birthday, holiday, engagement or a bachelor party this stopper will surely spice up that event!

It can guarantee a leak proof preservation for your valuable wines even up to weeks! Not only do you get satisfaction with using this wine saver, you also contribute to a better world because these are made of 100% recycled silicone!

3. VinoPlease Reusable Wine Stopper

VinoPlease Reusable Wine Stopper

Check Price on Amazon!

VinoPlease Reusable wine stoppers are designed to preserve your favorite wines using an airtight and leak proof seal. No aftertaste or oxidation. Reseal and label your wine with ease!

This is definitely eco-friendly made with 100% food grade silicone. Dishwasher Safe and Reusable. It fits standard wine, beer, champagne, and soda bottles including some larger styles. Use this wine tool to easily store bottles on their side without fear of leakage.

4. Assorted Glass Globe Bottle Stopper

Assorted Glass Globe Bottle Stopper

Check Price on Amazon!

This stylish and practical wine stopper is topped with a spherical glass top with lots of bright colors inside. It perfectly prevents spills and helps preserve wine’s freshness in partially consumed bottles.

Perfect for short-term wine storage and may also fit other bottles in your home bar. It also comes in an elegant gift box, making it a classy favor, gift, souvenir or collector’s item!

5. Vinum Meum Unique Glass Bottle Stopper

Vinum Meum Unique Glass Bottle Stopper

Who said that the wine will not taste good the following day? With this set of wine bottle stoppers, you can definitely preserve the taste of your wine bottle until the next drinking time!

These excellent wine stoppers ensure 100% airtight hermetic seal, shielding your favorite drink against oxidation and deterioration. The last sip will taste as good as the first one!

These multi-purpose flat tops work wonders with any still liquid; also perfect for whiskey, liquors, milk, water, juice, olive oil, vinegar and other still liquids and beverages.

6. AVINA Bottle Stopper – Leak Proof Wine Saver


Check Price on Amazon!

Never throw away good wine again with Avina wine saver that preserves open bottles, locks in flavors helps you save money! Guaranteed no leaks and no spills with its rubber leak-proof bottle stopper clamps.

Quality is still assured even when laying bottles on their side. This is definitely the enthusiasts’ alternative to wine vacuum pumps.

Above are fairly varied wine accessories that you might want to use as guides in purchasing your own. There are tons of bottle opener and stopper options that you could choose from. Just keep in mind that the material is crucial in choosing your wine accessories, apart from the aesthetic value that might be present.

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If you had luck with any of these mentioned above or with other kinds, feel free to leave us a comment. We’re always interested in your thoughts!

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