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Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Top 15 Bottle Opener Wedding Favors ideas 2017

A relaxed Sunday afternoon, you’re prepared to chill out with a bottle of wine or just right in the mood for a shot of whiskey. Where the heck is my bottle opener?! Damn, I misplaced it again!  

Sounds like you? Well, it happens to everyone. After all, who has so much time and patience to place a bottle opener properly?!

Why do you need a good Opener?

Agreed, it’s a very handy and useful product. But, with its usually compact and pocket-sized design, it’s always at the risk of getting lost in the crowded drawers or even getting accidentally thrown out.

Well, when that’s the case, what actually happens is this: you keep stressing yourself searching here and there just for a piece of metal with which you need to unlock a bottle of de-stressor. What an irony!

So instead of sticking to the common small bottle opener designs, why not try a different one and end your misery in a never-ending search? It is a known fact that something you buy out of love and passion always remains close to your heart, and of course, you’re not gonna throw it away!

Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Why not offer some eye-catching and unique designs of bottle openers as wedding favors, that your guests can always hold close to their heart? Check out some really stylish and unique designs, which you and your guests will fall in love with, at first sight!

Top 15 Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Bottle openers come in a wide range of varieties of visual styles, many with fun and entertaining appearance. Practically, though, they are all the same. Among the very wide variety of bottle openers used professionally or casually around the world, here are a few that could help you find the bottle opener that best suits your taste and needs:

1. Bstean Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Favors

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

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If you are not the most organized person who never keeps things back to where it belongs after use, you will definitely like the Bstean bottle opener. These are not the regular ones you can carry but is attachable to wood, stone, concrete or a wall. The product is finished with sturdy brush plating and lapping, and that keeps it free from rust.


2. Fleur De Lis Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Fleur De Lis Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

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If you are looking for a perfect bottle opener as a gifting option, this royal-like product could be a neat option. The vintage design done by Kate Aspen adds elegance and style. You might want to use it for a special occasion or simply add it to your collection. The Fleur de Lis Bottle Opener is packaged in a special gift box to give you the best first-look appeal.


3. Kate Aspen Shine Sparkle & Pop Diamond Bottle Opener

Kate Aspen Shine Sparkle & Pop Diamond Bottle Opener

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If rings are your favorite accessory this is definitely one bottle opener that will interest you. The Pop Diamond Bottle Opener looks like a big diamond ring and is perfect for making your engagement official. The acrylic diamond is sure to shine just like your fingers! This too comes in a subtly designed box and has a pretty bow on the top.


4. Kate Aspen’s Let’s Go On Adventure Bicycle Bottle Opener

Bicycle Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

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So long we have seen matching key rings, watches, and plenty other accessories. Gifting a pair of matching bottle openers to a couple who loves to drink will be new and unique. The product tag says ‘let the adventure begin’, so you can share it with the party animals and let the night roll in!


5. Kate Aspen Let the Adventure Begin Airplane Bottle Opener

Airplane Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

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Just another range similar to the bicycle openers, this set has two bottle openers in the shape of airplanes. These are perfect for travel lovers or for people who always wish to fly high. The polished pewter design is sure to leave people in awe as you start off with your next adventure.

6. Double Down Rustic Vintage Key Bottle Opener

Vintage Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

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You have probably seen key rings attached with bottle openers, but have you seen a key that itself is a bottle opener? Well, this neat and inexpensive key-shaped bottle opener is way classier than it might seem. It gives a vintage touch and exhibits a rustic design. You will love to gift it to someone who has just had a major success or gift it to yourself to keep a tab on yours!


7.   Fashioncraft Key to My Heart Collection Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

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The key bottle openers come in a pair and are perfect to gift your partner. These are also ideal to use for a wedding, engagement or anniversary. The design exhibits love and that the two people in concern have the key to each other’s heart.


8. DLWedding Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

DLWedding Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

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The DLWedding Key Bottle Opener is yet another key-shaped product of this kind and is made of metal alloy. It comes tied to a small box made of kraft paper. The style gives you another vintage key-shaped bottle opener option and is perfect for gifting. You can share something you want to say by leaving a note in the kraft box.


9. Gerah Magnetic/Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener with Bottle Cap Catcher

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

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The wall mounted bottle openers never go out of style because honestly, we don’t want to keep carrying them everywhere. The neatly designed piece can enlighten your home bar. It comes with a magnetic catch so you can also attach it to your beverage cooler. The product can also be nailed to a wall or wood.


10. Starfish Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Starfish Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

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If you are going to have a beach-themed party, these starfish bottle openers are definitely going to suit your preference. The starry and elegant piece comes in shiny silver tone and is made of metal chrome. The product is packaged in a beach-theme box that will perfectly fit into your beach party!


11. Sky Solutions Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

Wall Mounted Bottle Openers Wedding Favors

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You might be surprised, but even wall mounted bottle openers can look different from each other. The Sky Solutions bottle opener is quite an attraction to look at and is also easy to use. The opener is exactly in the right size you expect it to be and needs two nails to mount on wall or wood. The silver metal looks shiny, neat and has the right amount of elegance.


12.   Wilton Key Bottle Opener Favor Kit

Wilton Key Bottle Opener Favor Kit

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If you are about to arrange a big party or event and you want every table to have their own bottle opener, this kit can be an ideal buy. The set includes 18 key-shaped bottle openers and they come with a personalized tag to differentiate them. They all look similar in silver and shiny metal, but the unique thing is their ‘print your own’ inserts. They also have a white ribbon attached to each of them so that the tags are tied up.


13. Marrywindix Flip-flop Bottle Opener

Flip-flop Bottle Opener

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The flip-flop bottle opener literally looks like a pair of mini versions of flip-flops that you could wear to the beach! These look really cool and can be kept handy due to the design. This can brighten up your beach party or a pool party. The opener is made of brushed metal with rubber thongs. The packaging comes in a transparent box with the name and a tiny starfish printed below.


14. DLWedding Favors Vintage Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

Vintage Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

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The DLWedding vintage skeleton key bottle opener is another key-shaped product that gives you the retro touch. This too is made of metal alloy and presented in a neat brown box. The keys look gorgeous and are made of quality. There are twines tied to them to make it easy to carry. This too can be a gifting option or it can make an event more delightful.


15. Kate Aspen Symphony Chrome Music Note Bottle Opener

Music Note Bottle Opener

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The treble clef look-alike bottle opener is ideal for all music lovers. It shines in a silvery tone and is big enough for a good grip. It is one of the unique options that can spice up the mood for music and drinks at any occasion.


Top 6 Bottle Stopper Wedding Favors


We don’t always finish an entire bottle of the drink once we open it. Now that you have chosen the best bottle opener, it is time to consider buying the perfect bottle stopper. These come handy when you only want to sip one glass of wine and leave the rest until the next time. It is an amazing aid to manage drinking and retains the drinks exactly how it’s supposed to be.

Since we live in a time where there are plenty of wine accessories to choose from, you can add any of the following to your cart and keep an exclusive bottle stopper handy. These are way better than the wine gizmos. The products are also affordable and made of quality.

Bottle Stopper Wedding Favors

One thing you must consider before buying a bottle stopper is the tightness of the seal. It has to fit the lip of the bottles you usually buy. You also have to consider durability while buying the bottle stopper. We have added the best ones you can buy online so that you possess a product that won’t fall out too soon. Note that different bottle stoppers can work differently to preserve your wine. You need to make the right choice to suit your preference. Check out the top 6 bottle stoppers below:



1. Aerator Vacuum Stoppers Barvivo Leakproof

Aerator Vacuum Stoppers Barvivo Leakproof

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The Aerator Vacuum Stoppers BarvivoLeakproof helps you pour wine in the right way, aerate the wine like you’d need it to be and preserve the best taste. Once you open the bottle, you don’t need to worry about the quality of drink degrading with this stopper. The product assures to be leak-proof unlike most other aerators in the market. It comes in a decorated package and can be perfect to gift a wine lover. The price can be slightly higher compared to other stoppers, but this is definitely the best on the list.


2. Genie Bottle Stopper Wine Saver

Genie Bottle Stopper

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People who love to collect funky products will love this wine bottle stopper. It is shaped like a Genie and will attract your eyes at once. It can get people smiling at the first glance at any event and definitely spices up your mood. This is another option for leak-proof preservation of your drinks. It can make you last a bottle of wine for weeks after you open it. The material is made of 100% recycled silicone, so you indirectly contribute a little to the environment.


3. VinoPlease Reusable Wine Stopper

VinoPlease Reusable Wine Stopper

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The VinoPlease Reusable wine stoppers give you the exact taste of the wine every time you open the bottle. They use an airtight and leak-proof material that leaves no aftertaste or oxidation. Thus, you get to reseal your bottle every time you open it. The material is eco-friendly as it is made of 100% food grade silicone. You can also wash it in a dishwasher like other utensils. The stopper is in a standard size that fits into wine, champagne, beer, and soda bottles. You can lay your bottles in a wine storer without fearing a leakage.


4. Assorted Glass Globe Bottle Stopper

Assorted Glass Globe Bottle Stopper

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The Assorted Glass Globe Bottle Stopper looks stylish and comes with a spherical glass top. The transparent piece lets you see through your drink and adapts to the color due to a reflection. It doesn’t let your drink spill and preserves the freshness of your drink. These are ideal for short-term storage and can fit into more bottles. The packaging of the product includes a neat box and can be a classy gift for wine lovers.


5. Vinum Meum Unique Glass Bottle Stopper

Vinum Meum Unique Glass Bottle Stopper

The Vinum Meum Unique Glass Bottle Stopper is an ideal option as it seals the deal like a minimalist. If you are looking for the perfect quality and price, and also want your bottle stopper to look subtle, this one is for you. These are absolutely airtight and made of the hermetic seal. It saves your drink from oxidation and doesn’t deteriorate the quality. You can believe that the last sip of wine will be as good as the first one when you use this seal. This options can fit into most bottles in your home bar or kitchen.


6. AVINA Bottle Stopper – Leak Proof Wine Saver


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You will never have to throw away one drop of wine if you buy the Avina wine saver. They preserve the taste of the drinks just as you savor it and these uniquely come with locks. The product offers a guarantee to have no leaks or spills. They are made of rubber and come with stopper clamps for the locking feature. You can lay the bottles in a storer and not have a single drop leak out. It perfectly substitutes the wine vacuum pumps

These were the various wine accessories that you can buy for yourself or gift someone. There are plenty of bottle openers and stoppers, but we have the best ones jotted down for you. Make sure you are aware of the material you are ordering so that it lives up to your expectation when you have it delivered.


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If you had luck with any of these mentioned above or with other kinds, feel free to leave us a comment. We’re always interested in your thoughts!

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