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Need help choosing the finest Wedding Favors?

Yeah, we feel you. It is indeed difficult to arrive at ideas for the finest wedding favors. If you go and search Google, you’ll find thousands of ideas.

Finest Wedding Favors

But, let’s be honest. Would you want something that makes its way straight to your guests’ dumpsters when they go back home? Hell No! Then, how do I choose ideas that don’t suffer the same fate?!

Don’t worry, we have already hand-picked some of the finest wedding favors ideas, which make sure they are of an immense value to your guests, let alone getting thrown into the garbage!

However, we would recommend you to first go through some insights on what wedding favors really are, where they originated, some smart ideas and a few guidelines to keep in mind while selecting the finest wedding favors.

Doing this will help you big time in avoiding confusion and in making the right decision. Alright, so let’s go!

Once Upon a time…

How and when?! Well, wedding favors had their beginning in the 16th century when the French Aristocracy would present their guests with the so-called “Bomboniere” (bawm-baw-nyer).

They were boxes with overlays of precious stones holding sugared almonds. Being discovered around that time, sugar was such a pricey item that undeniably illustrated wealth and royalty! Hence, the Bomboniere boxes flaunted extravagance, apart from being served as a means to bestow guests with a symbol of care and gratitude.

Bomboniere Boxes

Sugar was then believed to be invigorating while almonds stood for the bitter-sweetness of marriage. Wanna know more about some delicious ‘Edible Wedding Favors’? You absolutely can’t miss this one:
11 tempting “Edible Wedding Favours” ideas you can’t miss!

Smart ideas you must not miss

If you ever thought wedding favors are an obsolete tradition, think again! Wedding favors undoubtedly have their own significance, being a delightful way of saying ‘Thanks!’ to your guests.

No rules are carved in stone for presenting favors, but quickly reading through a few smart ideas before zeroing in on your choice of wedding favors vastly improves your odds of making a better decision.

1.Perishable or Not?

If you’re going for a food item, you wouldn’t want something that needs refrigeration. Pick something that would last not only the whole ceremony but until your guests shelve them back at home. Why not satiate them with one final bite at the end of the night?

Favors that can be consumed at that particular moment can really be appreciated by your guests as tasty tokens!

2.Taking Care of Budget?

A solid budget plan is a must before going on a buying spree. It’s a misconception that budgeting is something that only frugal people do. Remember, the main aim of budgeting is to make sure that you keep track of your expenditure and avoid wastage. So, be tight-fisted but make sure that you do not miss out on quality!

3.Tried Them Out?

Try to use a sample at first. This will give you an idea beforehand, about the value that the product has to offer. Don’t wait until it’s too late to go back and change. That’s the last thing you’d want.

Say, if you’re giving out edibles, do a taste test and make sure that you find them delectable, yourself. For non-perishables, you might even want to do a drop and smash test! We just hope you don’t do that with a glass product. LOL!

4.Taking too much time?

While crafting wedding favors on your own (DIY-ing) may seem a great way to go within budget and to personalize to a greater extent, it can be fraught with difficulty.

You wouldn’t really know how much of your time goes into wrapping and tying perfect bows until you create the first few samples!

Inexpensive Wedding Favors

But if you’re really up for it, why not do the honor of inviting your friends to come over for some drinks and snacks and convince them to help you out?!

5.Pictures placed properly?

Well, putting on-site photos of your wedding onto your favors is going to give your guests some really sweet memories for sure.

However, we have to be careful where to put these on. Imagine how weird it would be for your aunt to use a coaster with your picture on it! Rather, a good idea would be to place those pictures, your initials and the date on the packaging.

6.Glamorously displayed or not?

Whether your favors are centerpieces of each table or at the entrance to your reception, how they are wrapped should coordinate with the motif of your wedding. Your favors should serve as accents to your chosen color scheme to give them more visual appeal!

What makes the finest wedding favors?

Now that we have got some basic insights on wedding favors and some smart ideas to take into account, we can clearly see how they are regarded as a timeless tradition. Go ahead and take a look at these 4 factors which are major to consider before you can select the finest wedding favors.


Would you be happy if you got the same item as a gift? Take some time to visualize your guests’ reaction when they receive your wedding favors. As discussed earlier, you obviously need to give them something useful, otherwise, they will end up in the garbage.

You want them to leave with a favor they can actually use in their day-to-day lives. You might choose anything from glass coasters and manicure sets to bottle stoppers with savvy or romantic rustic prints. They certainly won’t forget your wedding day!


Why not give away something that would stay with them for years after your wedding day? An ‘out of the box’ idea would be to give away tiny plants or smarter herbs for your guests to place in their offices. Teensy vintage bucket of succulents will cheer up your guests’ sad work desks.

Succulent Wedding Favors

The best wedding favors are easy to maintain as well. With ample light and humidity, even the tiniest rosemary will grow huge in a few years, and it’s something they may well appreciate in the years to come.

3.Reflecting the Couple

The first thing you need to ponder on when opting for a favor is the meaning that it holds for you and your spouse-to-be. Reflect on your love story and the things you like as a couple. Are you guys foodies? Then consider giving out edible ones. To know more about how you can reflect your persona through a wedding cake, click here.


Say it’s summertime. Map out your wedding by picking favors perfect for your nautical or garden-inspired wedding theme. You have tons to choose from. Keep the air tropical by picking from tropical-designed flip flops, Plumeria Floral fans, monogram tumblers, to pineapple and palms compacts and much more!

You can think along the same lines and come up with options suitable for wintertime too. Cool, isn’t it?!

Varieties to Choose From

As promised earlier, we are now going to take you through some of the finest wedding favors ideas. All of them promise to light up a smile on your guests’ face whenever they use them! As we had earlier pointed out, the value delivered must be at par with the price! So, here we go:

1. Nautical Wedding Favors:

Arranging a beach wedding theme? Let’s give you some ‘chilled ideas’ you can use to beat the seaside heat.

  • Cooling Cans
    Cooling Cans Nautical Wedding Favors

  • Anchor Bottle Opener

Anchor Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

  • Drink Chillers

    Drink Chillers

  • Wine glasses

Wine Glass Wedding Favors

Edible Wedding Favors:

The list of the finest wedding favors recommendations would remain incomplete without Edible wedding favors. Wanna pamper your guests’ taste buds? Try these!

  • Good Old Mints

    Mints Wedding Favors

  • Cookie Favors

    Cookie Wedding Favors

  • Candy Favors

    Candy Wedding Favors

Artsy-Craftsy Wedding Favors

So, you got a knack for arts and traditions? These might be a wonderful idea.

  • Bonboniere Paper Tags

    Bomboniere Paper Tags

  • Paper Gift Tags – Vintage Style

    Paper Gift Tags - Vintage Style Wedding Favors

Travel Wedding Favors:

Let’s add some spice to your guests’ boring travel plans.

  • Luggage Tags

    Luggage Tags Wedding Favors

  • Matchboxes

    Matchbox Wedding Favors

  • Mini Containers

    Mini Container Wedding Favors

Musical Wedding Favors

Ever passionate about music? These could be a great idea!

  • Musical Note Bottle Opener

    Musical Note Bottle Opener

  • Music Note Card/Photo Holders

    Musical Note Card Holder

Aromatic Wedding Favors

What better way to make your guests happy than to provide them with some aromatic wedding favors?! These will allow your guests to de-stress after a hectic day.

  • Scented Candles

    Scented Candles Wedding Favors

  • Tea Favors

    Tea Favors

  • Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans Wedding Favors

We hope these ideas were useful for you. You can check out some more fascinating ideas here:

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Also, if you have some other interesting ideas, do not hesitate to comment! All the best!

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