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11 tempting “Edible Wedding Favours” ideas you can’t miss!

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“This candy is so damn yummy!” exclaims one of your wedding guests on his way back from your wedding, while the candy is slowly melting in his mouth.

Edible Favors

What a fabulous job you did, in the act of saying ‘Thanks’ to your guests, for marking their presence at your ceremony. After all, that’s what Wedding Favours are meant for!

Usually, presenting Wedding Favours to the guests is thought of as a formality. Couples know it deep inside that those Favours are eventually going to end up in the garbage. So, they choose something according to that perception.

But, wait a minute! Why would you want to do that, if you can get some really useful alternatives, that too at the same price? Yeah, that’s true. Don’t believe us?

Well, to provide some evidence, we have made a list of 11 Edible items (some of them are not actually edible, but somehow related) you could use as Wedding Favours. But, before that, we’ll answer a question that’s probably springing up in your mind – Why edible?! Umm, let us explain.


Why Edible Wedding Favours

Traditionally, the custom at weddings has been to hand over a little bag containing five sweet-flavoured almonds which symbolize the five blessings of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility.

Edible Party Favors

So, you see, Edible Wedding Favours have been traditionally acceptable. Wouldn’t you love it if the favours offered by you actually add value and make life more pleasurable for your guests? Apart from the tradition’s point of view, Edible Wedding Favours promise that your guests would be glad they were present at your wedding ceremony, every time they use these items!

So now, let’s show you the list. Some of them will instantly make your mouth water, while the uniqueness of some others will take you by surprise! And, you’re not going to believe it, but all of them are actually handmade and mostly contain natural ingredients! So, let’s go!

11 Edible Wedding Favours ideas

P.S: In case you want to know more about, or buy a particular product listed below, just click on the pictures.

1. McFaddy Sweet Toffee:

Matcha Green Tea flavour candies Edible wedding favours

Want to show your guests you really care? Perfect! These candies are multipurpose i.e. they are tasty, while at the same time also take amazingly good care of your guests’ health. These are available in 5 different flavours.

Ever heard of Matcha Green Tea flavour candies?! Yes, that’s one of the five flavours. Some of the amazing health benefits of Matcha Green Tea include:

  • It is high in antioxidants
  • A great stress buster
  • Boosts memory and concentration
  • Burns calories
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Improves immunity
  • Improves cholesterol

Amazing, isn’t it? And, what’s even better is that the entire range of health benefits comes with the taste of a candy! Keep in mind this is only one of the flavours we talked about. The other flavours have excellent qualities of their own.

2. The Chili Salt Gift Box:

Chili Salt gift box edible wedding favours

Let us give you an idea that will ‘spice up’ your guests’ lives. The Chili Salt Gift Box by ‘The Chili Lab’ contains Chipotle, PiriPiri, and Pequin chili salts, which range from being mildly spicy to highly spicy.

Apart from appealing to guests who love spices, the scintillating flavour is also capable of turning those other guests into spice-lovers forever. Excellent bet!

3. Assorted Coconut Macaroons:

assorted coconut macaroons edible wedding favours

This one is a superb idea, especially if you’re going for a Beach Wedding Theme. Who doesn’t love Macaroons?

Add to that the Coconut flavour and you end up offering a wedding favour that your guests are going to love you for! Also, keep in mind that these are made using only natural ingredients without any added flavouring oils. So, it takes care of your guests’ health too! And oh, quite an affordable price tag.

4. Chocolate Honey Truffle Set:

Chocolate Honey truffle set edible wedding favours

Just try to imagine the flavour that you get from blending chocolate with honey. Couldn’t perfectly imagine? Well, not your fault, it literally is beyond imagination how they slowly melt in your mouth to make you feel like heaven! You’ve got to try it for yourself to actually understand the real experience.

An excellent wedding favour idea to pamper your guests’ taste buds! Mouth-watering already? See, we promised you in the beginning!

5. Decanter Set:

Decanter set edible wedding favours

We would like to call it ‘The Perfect Luxury Wedding Favour’. Yes, it’s slightly on the higher side, as far as the price is concerned. But, the value it can deliver to your guests is mind-blowing!

Decanting wine serves a pretty specific purpose i.e. to remove sediment and encourage oxidation. The oxidation process, in turn, triggers the release of more aromatic compounds, which ultimately enhance the overall drinking experience. And not to forget, the striking aesthetic value that comes with using a decanter!

And not to forget, the striking aesthetic value that comes with using a decanter!

6. Salted Caramel:

Salted Caramel edible wedding favours

Well quite honestly, this one’s just like your married life – sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet! And that’s what somehow makes the whole experience so enjoyable, isn’t it?!  So, if you really want your guests to try something unique and bittersweet, the ‘Salted Caramel Collection’ is the way to go!

7. Buttermilk Biscuits:

Buttermilk Biscuits edible wedding favours

Ever heard the saying, “Simplicity is the best form of sophistication”? Well, that indeed holds true! While these biscuits are very simple, they do contain some flavour of the cream cheese.

The great thing about them is that they can be tried out in many different recipes, and they can complement almost any occasion, no matter how big or small. Your guests are ‘simply’ going to love it!

8. Chocoholic Cookie Pack:

Chocoholic chocolate cookies edible wedding favours

Want to go all chocolatey? Try the Chocoholic Cookie Pack! That same, old, addictive chocolate along with an extra flavour of sea salt is sure to win all your guests’ hearts. You can also find some ‘bittersweet’ quality here. Make your wedding day special and memorable using these decadent desserts as Wedding Favours!

9. Whiskey Stones:

Whiskey stones edible wedding favours

An amazingly unique idea here! Mason stones are an excellent alternative to those ice cubes that melt in no time and end up diluting your spirit.

Guess what, every time your guests put these chilled stones to use, they’re going to say to themselves, “Thank God, I was invited to that Wedding Ceremony!” These are extremely useful when it comes to those who’re seriously passionate about their drinks! And wait a minute, who isn’t?!

10. Signature Seasoning & Rub Kit:

Seasoning and rub kit edible wedding favours

This seasoning kit has the capability to enhance the flavour of any meal that your guests partake in. That means, they will remember you and your wedding ceremony after every meal. How awesome is that?!

11. Carry On Cocktail Kit:

Carry on cocktail kit edible wedding favours

Well, we are falling short of words to describe how awesomely unique and innovative these kits are. What this means is, your guests will have something that they can carry with them to overcome those boring journeys and make themselves a cocktail or two! These, without a tinge of doubt, would always be loved and valued by your guests.

Hope these ideas very genuinely helpful to you. Do share your thoughts with us!
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