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Irish wedding

The finest Irish wedding rings for your soulmate!

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The wedding ring is no ordinary ring. It is something that marks the blooming of love between two people who have decided to spend their entire life together. For such an auspicious occasion, a simple ring won’t do and there has to be something special. For this amazing once in a lifetime experience, it is necessary that a careful selection of the ring is made and nothing could be better than an Irish wedding ring that draws forth its own charm!

Irish Wedding Rings

These rings show off their Celtic legacy and the British extravagance. Those who are more than serious about their wedding to their lady love might reckon about this ravishing ring as the Celtic make-up of rings is not a match with any other ordinary ring present on this planet. They have got their own charm to sparkle and their own way brandishing you with exquisiteness. The Claddagh ring is a special type of Irish ring that symbolizes love, fidelity, and comradeship.

Things to consider while buying pricey Irish wedding rings

Irish weddingBuying Irish wedding rings is a pricey affair. You must keep certain headers in mind before buying this exquisite ring. Continue reading to keep within the realm of your wisdom the key factors that you should never ignore while buying this beautiful ring for your beloved:

Mark your budget

The ring will not, of course, come on the complementary basis. A fortune has to be paid for the same. A good part of your wedding financial plan will go in buying this wonderful ring. One can’t even escape it as it is the essential part of the entire ceremony.

The budget of every couple is different & at your fund’s reserves too. You can find a good number of rings as well. The Trinity knot, Celtic pictogram of accord and the Claddagh ring are some of the finest breeds of Irish rings that will sprinkle grace on whosoever tends to wear it.

Merge and Bout

The old concept of wearing the ring on the left hand’s fourth finger can be dated back to early Roman civilization that held the strong view that the ring finger had a heart connecting vein. However, contemporary medical science does not support this theory but still, the couples have not stopped wearing this ring on the same finger. You might as well opt for the rings that are braided or the ones that have got some love proverb engraved on them.

Get the correct size

Getting the ring of correct band size is quite important. An ill-fitting band is only going to render you pain. There are times your fingers might swell due to some health issues. So it is highly recommended that you opt for the ring size once you have treated for your illness because, at that juncture, you can get hold of your actual ring size.

Quality check

Irish wedding ringsYou might come across a pretty Irish wedding ring that is not pricey at all. Its cheapness might intrigue you but your fascination must not overpower your wisdom. You must understand the fact that if such an expensive piece of the ornament is being offered at a much cheaper rate then there is definitely some flaw clinging on to it.

Chances are that your finger might turn green due to the poor quality metal employed in its making. One must learn the thumb rule that if something is being offered at low price, despite the type of product it is, then definitely there is something fishy about it and you must not refrain from checking it with the makers.

Maintain the precious piece

Do not forget that since you have invested a fortune in getting hold of the astounding Irish wedding rings, you must not forget to maintain it nicely as well. Do make it a point to dip it in warm water and clean it gently with a pliable toothbrush.

Finest Irish Rings

These precious rings are Celtic and hold a British background to them. They have that royalty and grace of the ancients and holds up a tradition that is merged with modernity. To select it as a wedding ring is a very grand choice, showering an impulse of Roman & British vigor altogether.

MOWOM’s Irish Celtic Knot Dragon with a great comfort fit and silver gold along with double tone tungsten:

MOWOM’s Irish Celtic Knot DragonThe kind of metal used in it is tungsten. It encompasses a dark velvet bag that has got MOWOM engraved on it. The gold and silver shades conjoined together appear to be absolutely perfect. They increment the beauty of the Celtic design.

It has got that traditional appearance to it and apart from giving an oldie touch to your wedding; you can also wear them out to lavish weddings. The craftsmanship that is employed in its making is amazing! One really can’t take their eyes off the minute engravings that are there on it. A spectacular piece of ornament that you must buy. A rare piece marking the bench of antiquity.

Claddagh ring store’s sterling silver metal Claddagh’s wedding band:

Claddagh’s wedding ring for men

A startling piece made in Ireland. It can’t be tarnished and the quality is actually superior. Its design is contemporary and you can get one of the exact synonyms design. This beautiful ring has been fabricated in Ireland. The fine work present on it is worth appreciating.

The craftsmanship involved in it draws a great deal of attention because the manner in which the carving is done is worth noticing. The minute carvings dawn the sense of the efforts that have been put in by the maker to add on to the exquisiteness of this pretty piece.

The fit is actually perfect and the Claddagh symbol is extensive. The engraving that is present on the inner side of the band is actually very beautiful. The infinity icon on the ring adds on to its beauty as well as to its value.

This elegant ring seems to have an everlasting knot and the Claddagh pictogram looks a bit smaller and this is one drawback that is attached to it. But on the other levels, the ring is just an exceptional piece of masterpiece.

Claddagh’s wedding ring for men offered by Claddagh ring store

Claddagh’s wedding ring for menIt is a handsome ring meant for the gentleman all set to marry his lady love. A magnificent ring that is made in Ireland, it is able enough to keep smudging at bay. The design is that of contemporary Celtic Claddagh.

It is of the finest quality and spending your hard earned money on it could be worth it. Apart from this, the fit is totally perfect & you can lay your hands on the exact size that belongs to you. There is an engraving underneath the band and it is raised slightly. This is all the more elegant and you add to the charm of the special ring. It marks the symbol of true love and loyalty that is the soul and benchmark of any relationship.


The above-mentioned details give you an idea of the three finest Irish wedding rings. You can plan to buy not just for the purpose of engagement but for the reasons concerning wedding as well. It will surely draw upon a Celtic tradition and in case any of your forefathers hail from the British ancestry than in such a situation it becomes all the more worthwhile to buy such a ring as a mark of a biological heirloom as well.

Buying such a ring is surely going to turn out to be a pricey affair and on reading about the product and the clinging reviews that are supplied to you above you might as well give in to the deep thoughts concerning with the ring. You must not forget to look all the aspects of utmost care before you actually give in to your desire of buying the Irish ring.

Isn’t it a nice idea to add a traditional tinge to your wedding? Of course, the answer will be yes. Shop for a pretty Irish wedding ring today & gift it to your partner and bring about an increment in their joy. Surprise them with the finest ever ornament they would have simply heard of.

It is your responsibility to make them an owner of one such beautiful piece of jewelry. Visit the quality stores to get the most of your money. Apart from this, do check about its authenticity as it is the matter of spending a boom. Get hold of the correct ring size & also pay special attention to its design and other aspects related to its beautiful exterior. So don’t wait. Go, grab your wallet as it is time to fill your better half with love, joy, and awe for you!

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