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All About Man Made Diamond Engagement Rings!

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Diamonds have their own special kind of crystal structure. This is made of carbon and found deep inside the earth amid the coal mines. Diamond gets its shape under high temperature and pressure, and this brings diamond to its best form. It definitely takes a lot of hard work and precision to do the job, and hence no lay man could accomplish it fully. Professionals for are appointed, as they have the expertise to do it in just the perfect way. Diamond jewelry can basically be categorized into two segments, one is synthetic or man made diamond engagement rings, and the other is mined. Both of them differ from each other on the basis of clarity of

Both of them differ from each other on the basis of clarity of the diamond, its cuts, quality, and the price. Man made diamond engagement rings are highly in demand for its characteristics. They offer you the true worth of the money you spent and shine as bright as it is new.

Real diamonds are nothing else but real minerals, which were created in earth billions of years ago. They have their own special feel, and if you ask a diamond lover, they won’t settle for anything else but the one that’s totally and real. They do not bother about the price they are asked to pay for the same. It is totally worth it

Man Made Engagement Rings

The making of synthetic or man made diamond engagement rings!

Man made diamond engagement rings are believed to be cheaper. The sellers claim that the man made diamonds allow the customer to save at least 30 to 40 percent. It isn’t the actual case. There’s only a minute difference in the cost of real diamond and man-made diamond, and this is the bitter truth. While the real diamonds have a dignified resale value, man made diamonds have none. You rarely get any part of the money in reselling it, as compared to the amount you spent.

Let’s have a look at how they are made:
  • The man-made or synthetic diamonds are cultivated from carbon plate, which is basically known as a seed in general.
  • The further process involves putting the seed under a microwave chamber for getting is process further in low-pressure.
  • To carry on the process of manufacturing on another level, hydrogen and methane gases are introduced.
  • Next step involves pumping energy into the chamber. This ignites the glowing plasma ball and takes the manufacturing process to yet another level.
  • Further on, carbon molecules rain on the seed, forming a layer on top of it. This creates a fast tracking result and forms natural crystallization process.
  • To complete the process, it takes almost 6 to 10 weeks.
  • After the completion of the process, diamond is obtained. This is cut with a laser, then polished and finally certifies to produce it in the best of its form.
  • The word “lab grown” is lasered on the side within the jewel. This code is presented to be made visible to the naked eye so that the customer doesn’t face any fraud by the sellers.

Man Made Diamond Engagement RingsThis long process creates the glittering synthetic diamonds which have captured the market in a large scale. People are definitely in love the magnificent colors in which diamonds are produced. Colored diamonds are definitely more attractive than the white ones, and hence more in demand. Before you opt for any design of man-made diamond jewelry, you should consider certain factors which decide it’s worth, and hence the final decision shall be made.

How to shop for the best man made diamond rings!

If you are a pro-shopper, you might already know how to pick the best diamonds in terms of its quality. But for all those who are still struggling on finding the details of the top notch diamond quality, below lined down are some of the shopping tips that’ll guide you towards the best quality diamond you can pick from the market. Have a look;

  • Before you pay the final price for a man-made diamond, make it a point to ask for guarantee or warranty on the jewel. Ask about the conditions related to what the company offers if the diamond is lost or damaged.
  • Ask for the certification as offered by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This ensures that the diamond has been designed with quality cut, clarity grades, and the best color. This certification provides you surety on fetching the worth for the money you spent.
  • Avoid purchasing man made diamond engagement rings that are plated, as this might prove to be more costly than the real ones, in long run. Try purchasing rings that are fabricated with stronger metals, so that their life is equal to the worth you expect from the money spent.

The most common myths about man-made diamonds!

Man made is not real, and what’s real is billion of years old. What you pay for man-made is far less than what real diamonds charge you with, and thus comes the difference. The sellers might promise you a lot of things, which may or may not be true. The seller in the market believes in nothing besides what boosts their sales, and hence a lot of unreal promises and claims are made. You should be aware of the myths that prevail, have a look some common ones mentioned below;

Man made is not Cubic Zirconia

When you are all set to make the final payment for your favorite man made diamond engagement rings; you definitely have to study about the substance that’s specified on the same. Cubic Zirconia is the most popular diamond substance present in the jewelry today. But sadly, this is not found in a majority of man made diamond engagement rings, and hence the components used in manufacturing shall be studied well. A lot of companies might claim it to be present, but this might not be the case.

Man-made diamond engagement rings in seamless designs

Man Made Diamond Engagement RingEvery jeweler selling man made diamonds adopts a policy, which talks about offering seamless diamonds at affordable prices. Can this be true in all the cases? Nothing can be claimed unless all certifications are thoroughly checked. There are minimal dealers in the market, which bring for their customer’s true lab grown white diamonds that are flawless. Not many bring worthy man-made diamonds, mainly because of the complicated process and the hard work that’s involved in the process of manufacturing. The price tag surely is found to be very close to the real diamond, but the quality definitely lacks in some point or the other. This is majorly the case with white diamonds. The cutting cost for real diamonds is too high, and that is not how much the dealers spend for synthetic diamonds, and hence the quality varies.

What is the dealer claims “All Cubic Zirconia is same”?

If your dealer is claiming this, he is surely hiding something from you. Although in the process of manufacturing cubic zirconia, the ingredients used are the same. The result is not all the time same and that’s mainly because of the cooling process, the polishing process, and yes the cutting process as well. This brings the real difference.  And this is how a high-quality diamond ring is differentiated from the ones that aren’t the much premium ones.

Amorphous diamond coating brings no change to diamond quality

The majority of diamond selling companies don’t have the necessary sources to accomplish amorphous coating for the synthetic diamonds. Thus they claim it doesn’t make any noticeable difference. In the actual case, this process makes the diamond look more glittering and shiny, adding more quality and value to the jewel. But the lack of resources is the reason why the company says it is no good for the diamond. The next time if a diamond dealer tells you that, know that they’re lying.

With these myths explained above, now you know the factors that you need to be aware of. The synthetic produce cannot be as good as real and hence lies different between the real diamonds and the man-made diamonds. Man-made diamonds are easily available considering their process of manufacturing and the ease with which they are produced. Real diamonds are billions of years old and are require a lot of hard work to be obtained.

The next time you decide to spend on the man-made diamond, make sure you compare it cut, polishing, and refine the design. This is what you are paying for, and you should be too particular about what you buy. Deal with the seller who is certified to sell quality diamonds and of course, beware of the myths. Consider all these factors as they will lead you to the best product available in the market. You should always try and be a smart customer, to whom no dealer could duper or do fraud.

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