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Personalized Wedding Favors and Keepsakes

11 adorable ‘Personalized Wedding Favors’ ideas under budget

Just try to imagine how much loved you’re going to feel when you’ll be surrounded by all the special people in your life – your friends, relatives, and others, who deliberately marked their presence to make your wedding day even more memorable.

Personalized Wedding Favors

You would obviously want to do your best to reciprocate those feelings, won’t you? Keepsakes and Wedding Favors are an excellent way of saying ‘Thank you!’ to your family and friends.

Why you need Personalized Wedding Favors

As is the custom at weddings, attendants get a little bag having in it five sweet-flavored almonds which represent the five boons of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility. That doesn’t limit you, though, as your wedding favor can be almost anything to duplicate your panache, budget, and attributes.

Getting personalized wedding favors that could make your guests feel special can be a bit tricky to choose, but you don’t have to worry about it.

We have made a compilation of a few of our favorite ideas that we have listed below. They are sure to help you overcome your dilemma and choose the appropriate one for your ‘special day’. You just need to picture simple day-to-day products you use or products you love and enjoy receiving from others.

Personalized Unique Wedding Favors Ideas

  • Lego-Inspired Personalized Wedding Favors:

Legos are a fun way of spicing up your marriage ceremony. You can put the wedding keepsakes in Lego-inspired boxes, or give it a nerdy touch by making them in shape of lollipops or candies, packed in the wedding favor box. You can personalize them to fit into your style, depending on your personality.

Lego wedding favors

  • Cookie Box Personalized Keepsakes

The Cookie box, along with a sweet message is an excellent way of expressing your love to the guests. Packaging the box with cookies, candy or sweetened almonds will definitely create a lasting impression. With the average price of a cookie box being around $3, it is a fun way to personalize your wedding ceremony without burning a hole in your pocket.

Cookie Boxes Wedding Favors

  • Take-Along Desserts

Serving brown chocolates as wedding souvenirs is a splendid idea. Sweet desserts, especially chocolates, are known to act on the part of the brain associated with the “feel good” emotion. Serving these beautiful delights for your guests to take away is sure to endear you to their hearts. Taking a bite of your delicious desserts on their way back from your wedding will surely make the journey sweeter for your guests.

Take-Along Desserts as Wedding Favors

  • Olive Oil Bottles

Another fantastic way of presenting your wedding favors is by giving your guests Olive bottles. Attractive and comfortable to take on a journey, Olive bottles can be used in a variety of ways. You can pack your choice of olive oils in customized glass favor bottles.

The prospects are unending. You just have to analyze your personality and then choose the design and pattern that matches. Simple it is, you see!

Olive Oil Bottles as Wedding Favors

  • Bridal Shower Candle Keepsakes

Giving out candle favors during your wedding is one good way to add to the already high ‘romance quotient’ on your wedding day. Guests can brighten their esteeming nights. Be it a formal wedding, spring or beach wedding; candle favor is sure to go down brilliantly with your guests.

Bridal Shower Candle Wedding Favors

  • Candy Buffet as Favors

When it comes to guests’ choice of a preferred wedding favor, it’s tough to pick out a wedding favor guests love more than Candy. Dragee, chocolates, caramels, taffy or gummies, whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong. Candy is an outstanding way to express sweet feelings to your guests. They are also relatively less in price.

Candy Buffet as Wedding Favors

  • Welcome Bags

You can also make welcome bags with tags of Bride and Groom’s names. A good idea for you would be to put special treats for guests in these small, fun bags. Cookies, chocolates, candy or any other delightful surprise you have for your guests can be put in them and handed out to your guests as they arrive at the venue.

Your guests may also use these bags for shopping after the wedding ceremony is over, which will make them nostalgic of your wedding every time. Again, you got to do some thinking in order to choose the type of bag that best complements your personality.

Welcome bags Wedding Favors

  • Cutlery Wedding Favors

Cutleries such as knives, cups, and forks are an essential in any household. For this reason, the Bride and Groom Fabrics Cups, Knife and Fork Combination are commonly given out keepsakes, and for a good reason too.

Besides being items of household utility, they cost low and are very easy to handle. They are easy to personalize, so you might want to consider making this a part of your wedding ceremony.

Cutlery Wedding Favors

  • Pearl Candle Holder

Simple, portable and elegant pearl candle holders as wedding favors are an excellent choice. They are highly attractive, easy to handle and easy to create. Did I mention their low price and cost effectiveness too?

Guests can use these to hold scented candles in their bathrooms, while they lounge after a tiring day. What better way to pamper your guests and leave a lasting impression on them?!

Pearl Candle Holder Wedding Favors

  • Monogram “Thank You” Bags

You cannot run out of ideas to say “Thank you” to your guests. The Monogram “Thank You” Favor Bags are one great way of doing that. You can put souvenirs for guests in these bags, which perfectly express love and gratitude to the guests for gracing your ceremony.

You might as well want to personalize to suit your preferences. These bags are pretty much affordable too!

Monogram Thank You Bags

  • Wonderland Cards

You can create cute and memorable cards as your wedding favors. They’re easy to make, pocket-friendly and a proven way to express your feelings silently. There is no extent to how much you can personalize and recreate your cards to suit your wedding theme.

Wonderland Cards Wedding Favors

What do you think about these personalized wedding favors ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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All the best!

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