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smart jewelry

Smart Jewelry is luring people across the world!

Welcome to the 21st century! Just look around you. Everything is smart here, isn’t it? You’re smart, your neighbors are smart, your phone is smart, and even homes are smart! Why should jewelry be left far behind? Guess what, it isn’t!

Smart Jewelry

The concept of ‘Smart Jewelry’ has been gathering a lot of steam during the last few years. People all over the world are going crazy over the tremendous value and numerous health benefits they offer while being in ‘touch’ with you all the time.

Even the world’s second richest man couldn’t resist the idea of investing in Smart Jewelry business!

As we all know, stress is the most widespread problem that people are facing in this modern, fast-paced world. But, do remember the age old saying “Health is Wealth”. And, when it comes to monitoring your overall health, it’s hard to find an alternative for smart jewelry. Your body will certainly thank you for purchasing one!

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Fitness Jewelry

Let’s talk about some of the mind-blowing benefits they offer:

Some benefits of Smart Jewelry

1. Calorie tracker:

All of them, without exception, have a tracker attached to them. This tracks everything from the calories you burn to your heart rate and the distance you cover by walking/running.

2. Anti-stress:

Most of them can also track your stress levels, and provide guided meditation to keep your stress levels in check. Talking about stress, you can also track your sleep quantity and quality!

3. Reproductive health:

Some of these are especially useful to females since they also track their menstrual cycle. This helps them take care of their overall reproductive health.

4. Magnetic therapy:

Did you know magnets have been used for pain relief since the last 4000 years?! There are a few types of smart jewelry that are immensely useful for pain relief. They use ‘Magnetic therapy’ to relieve pain, apart from increasing blood circulation and reducing muscle tension.

5. Phone notifications:

Many of these smart pieces of jewelry, when connected with your mobile phone, can alert you of notifications either by blinking or vibrating. So, if you’re someone who frequently misses out on mobile notifications, it’s gonna be pretty useful for you!

6. Looks good:

Last but not the least, the word ‘jewelry’ has been synonymous with beauty and charm for ages. So, of course, the smart jewelry too have their own glamor to boast about.

Smart Jewelry collection

Now that you know the variety of uses these pieces of smart jewelry have to offer, let’s show you some stylish designs that are also loaded with features that you’re gonna love!

P.S: If you want to know more about a particular product/design mentioned below, just click on that picture.

1. Bellabeat Smart Leaf Jewelry:

It gives you a choice of how to wear it. You can wear it as a bracelet, necklace or clip. It’s not required to sync it daily. It keeps your information recorded in its memory for up to two weeks. Very stylish too! You’re gonna receive compliments daily on how gorgeous it looks. You’ll especially love the meditation and stress indicator. What more can one ask for?!

Leaf Jewelry

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2. Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker:

Although not exactly a piece of jewelry, it’ll definitely help you achieve a calmer state of mind. It alerts you whenever your breathing is tense for a few minutes. A few slow deep breath are enough for you to relax and calm down. Immensely helpful as a stress-killer!

Fitness Necklace

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3. RINGLY Activity tracker Smart Jewelry:

Finally, you can chill out and watch TV with your spouse knowing that nobody important is trying to contact you. RINGLY will notify you. This tracker is more than just notifications from vibrations and a LED light, though. It also records your steps and the number of calories burned in a day quite accurately.

Ringly Smart Bracelet

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4. Fitbit Fitness Charge 2 Wristband:

It basically helps you focus more on your fitness and lose some weight. This smart piece of bracelet works really well, is quite consistent, and looks good too! The notification for phone calls/text messages is also a useful feature to consider. In short: Comfortable, stylish and easy to use!

Fitbit Jewelry

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5. Fitbit Charge HR:

One thing you’re gonna love is the silent alarm that wakes you up rather than a regular alarm scaring you every morning. Also, you’ll find it amazing how it knows when you go to sleep and how many times you got restless through the night! Recommended for anyone who is serious about getting fit. Affordability isn’t an issue here, all you need is to cut back on a couple of restaurant meals! Quick fact: It has got more than 36k positive reviews on Amazon!

Fitbit Jewelry

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6. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker:

“Get moving, only 100 more steps!”, the idle alert in this tracker notifies you to get you some activity every hour. And believe us when we say, that really helps when you have an office job! Did you know, sitting continuously for long hours has been found out to be as harmful as regular smoking?

Another good feature is that it has a slim, classy design, yet it is more like a smartwatch so you can gather a lot of information without even looking at an app.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

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7. Pure Copper Magnetic Jewelry:

Medicines providing little relief to your pain? Go for this Copper Magnetic bracelet. Apart from being quite well made, it’s also very comfortable to wear. Proven to be helpful in reducing many types of pain like tendinitis pain or osteoarthritis of the hands, among many others. Looks pretty too!

Pure Copper Magnetic Jewelry

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8. Titanium Magnetic Bracelet:

Premium quality and a stylish wear, it has a nice soft feel, apart from the clasp being sturdy. It amazes people with the immediate and effective relief it provides from various kind of pains.

Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

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Think of it like this: First, we work hard and take insane amounts of stress, and eventually spend a large portion of that hard-earned money on healthcare. What an irony!

Heard the age-old saying: “Prevention is always better than cure”? Why would anyone want to spend thousands of bucks on healthcare later in life, rather than taking care of their mind and body in the present? That too when you have a product that costs just around a hundred dollars and takes amazing care of your long-term health? And oh, how can you forget the stylish looks?! Try a piece of smart jewelry and see all the benefits for yourself!

Let us know in the comments what you think about the concept of Smart Jewelry. We’d love to hear your comments!

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