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Synthetic diamond ring

Synthetic Diamond Rings – Carved Exclusively for Modern Brides

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Ever heard of synthetic diamond rings? Sounds familiar? Yeah, you gotcha right, we are talking about the diamonds which are created in labs to be used in jewelry.

Synthetic Diamond Rings

This may seem a bit unusual but many people have been using these synthetic diamond rings on a large scale. These synthetic diamonds are also known as created or cultured diamonds which are literally grown up in labs.

When it comes to the visual appeal, these synthetic diamonds are similar to natural or mined diamonds but are a lot cheaper than the latter. You won’t find anything problematic with these synthetic diamond rings as they give the feel of a real diamond ring. So, you can invest in these synthetic diamond rings in a price which is very much within your budget.

But buying these rings is not an easy decision, you need to make a sound decision for purchasing these rings. The guide aims to simplify the process of recognizing the right synthetic ring for your wedding day, which matches up to your taste and style.

Let us now dive through this guide that won’t let your money go wasted on something menial and not worth the money you invest.

Lab Created Diamonds vs Real Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds vs Real DiamondsIf your love has grown for the environment, go for synthetic diamond rings which make you look like a million dollar baby!

The above reasons seem to be enough for few, but most of us look for more explanation regarding the rings that have become a clear favorite of many.

So, joining the bandwagon of the synthetic diamond ring lovers seems to be a good choice but you need to have a clear understanding as to why synthetic diamonds need to be your preferred pick.

Synthetic diamond is lab grown as we said earlier, but actually, what makes these so special? If we talk about the price, you can find a promising synthetic diamond ring at almost half of the price of its real diamond ring counterpart.

Another feather in its cap is that these synthetic diamond rings look really great with bespoke and elegant work. You can customize these rings, which increases their commercial value. So you get the product of your choice in the price you pay.

How to choose Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings?

Though talking about the designs and craftsmanship the real diamond rings are a class apart and affordability in the present economic scenario has enabled the facility of EMI.

But, stop! You need to save too, isn’t it? So, why to invest so heavily in a ring when alternatives are available? If this logic sounds cool to you and you wish to save loads of money for your later times, go for the synthetic rings. Buying is a tough process but with a little insight into the standards set for purchasing the right ring does the needful.

Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings

Just keep in mind some easy points and you have nailed it!

Make sure, your shortlisted rings fulfill the standards mentioned below:

  • Designs should be vintage ones and for the elegance is the word and rings should be suitable for every occasion and must go for the dresses you adorn.
  • Stones of the rings should be available in the various shapes such as – round, cushion, princess, radiant, pear, oval, emerald, and Asscher.
  • The center stone head of the rings should be available in the designs which are in the present trend -double prong, bezel-set, prong-set, trellis-set, low profile and halo-set.
  • Other features of these synthetic diamond rings include split shank, pavé-set, modern cathedral-set, knife edge shank, rings with matching band, engraved, rings with side stones, channel-set, beading and antique.
  • Coming on to the price factor, you can avail these diamond rings even on monthly payments. For paying in a lump sum, you can get these synthetic rings at the maximum price for $3000 approx.

You should preferably buy these diamonds rings through a reliable online portal as you get to see how the ring looks like. Star ratings also help in giving you an idea about the apt product and you end up investing in a right product.

Hoping that the information mentioned above is enough to give you an idea of choosing your favorite diamond ring. Here are some synthetic diamond rings we found just for you.

Sterling Silver, Created Opal, and Diamond (1/10 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity) Ring, Size 7

Sterling Silver, Created Opal, and DiamondThis sterling silver ring studded with opal and diamond scintillates well on your finger. Quite sturdy it makes, this ring is made of an alloy of silver and copper. Crafted finely, you will get awestruck just by a glimpse of this well-designed piece with a large opal studded as a middle stone.

Mounted on a twisted shank, the opal stone is surrounded by fine diamonds in a way which never rattles with expensive clothes you wear.

Purchase with pride

For all the good reasons, you can find this piece of jewelry well suited for every special occasion. Following reasons very well define that possessing this product makes your jewelry collection truly exotic:

  • Stunning design
  • Evenness of the ring makes it a high-quality product
  • Brilliant Opal
  • Sparkling diamonds
  • Fine craftsmanship gives the product an expensive look
  • The twisted silver band looks regal
  • Metal does not tarnish even after regular wear
  • Sterling silver ring keeps you safe from any kind of skin allergies

So, here are multiple reasons for which you can buy this piece of the ring for your D-day. If you worry about investing in a ring that is corrosive then feel free as this metal is strong enough to bear the moisture which makes it suited for everyday wear. Handle with care is not applicable to this piece of jewelry and you have surely invested in a product which is worth every bit of your penny.

Zealmer Gold Filled 2ct Crystal Solitaire AAA CZ Zirconia Synthetic Diamond Accent Engagement Rings

Zealmer Gold Filled 2ct Crystal SolitaireThis one has a WOW factor as you simply cannot take your eyes off this ring. Here is a crystal solitaire, a big one, just waiting for your fingers to adorn it!

A perfect buy for your engagement time, you will love the cuts & shapes in which this gold filled ring is crafted. The grand solitaire is not alone, there are various diamonds spreading their shine around the stone making it look ethereal.

Band of the ring is carved really nicely which is evident from the diamonds studded around the synthetic diamond. Band of the ring appears to have great strength which does not let it get worn or torn easily.

Buying this ring can be a great addition to your collection for your D-day but let us get more inclusive about great qualities of this ring to avoid any confusion before you purchase this ring.

Buy this gold filled synthetic diamond ring for the following reasons:

  • If you seek for a ring which doesn’t leave skin rashes, this one is for you
  • Shining stones can lit even in the low lighting environment so it comes out to be a good buy
  • This ring gives the look of a big solitaire which looks really costly. So be happy, as this synthetic diamond ring is worth the price you pay

Zealmer Rhodium Plated Princess Cut Synthetic Diamond Halo Cubic Zirconia CZ Infinity Wedding Bridal Ring Set

Zealmer Rhodium Plated Princess Cut Synthetic DiamondThis is a gorgeous piece of ring set that can enhance your jewelry collection. Try this ring for your wedding, which can give that delicate yet classy feel to the attire that you wear. The Rhodium plating gives this three-piece ring an expensive look to gel up well with your exclusive event.

The two bands and one main ring cover-up your finger beautifully and look unexplainably classy. The main ring has a synthetic diamond studded in between and is broad in its appearance.

Work on the ring is exquisitely fine and a band is interwoven together with studded zircons in cubical shape. The USP of this ring lies in the shine & intricate studded work which makes it a must-buy piece of wedding jewelry. In recent times, demand for this kind of wedding ring has been rising.

The major advantage of acquiring this jewelry is that you get it within budget and quality to swear by.

Let this sparkle be yours for the following reasons:

  • Ring is heavy so you can buy this at a lesser price
  • Nothing to beat this set if you love classic wedding rings.
  • Doesn’t leave any trace of plating or metal on your finger
  • Designed elegantly for that D-day look

With umpteen choices for synthetic diamond rings available, choosing a perfect wedding ring is tough. But the products shortlisted above are in line with current fashion trends with price as an inclusive factor. Get the best ring for your wedding occasion and make this experience really unforgettable with memories to cherish for!

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