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Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Rings

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring: Top Choices Revealed

The blend of white and blue shiny stones is a combination like none other. There are plenty of engagement ring options in the market, but the Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring options are a class apart.  Here, we bring to you, some of the vibrant choices of such blend. Check out the best one for you and find a match for your partner.

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

The diamond and sapphire engagement ring options symbolize love and gratitude. It exhibits beauty, elegance, and style. Don’t miss out on the lovely craftsmanship that goes behind the making. The rings are surely going to convey your love for the recipient and touch their heart. Women love these rings and using them for proposal might be ideal.

Diamond and sapphire engagement ring options are available in a variety of price ranges. Your pick can vary from affordable to expensive and suit your preference. If you have a tight budget, you might get some options that match up with it. These make elegant and stylish engagement rings, and the money you’d invest is worth it.

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring as a Symbol of Love

Sapphire Rings with DiamondRings are a symbol of love, but sometimes, the type of ring does matter. When you have glittering diamonds with sapphire stones, they really make a neat combination. It can make any of your special moment more delightful.

The diamond and sapphire engagement ring options are some of the most sought options for women who wish to possess unique rings.

The picture we have here shows an elegant sapphire beautified by diamonds on either side of the rings. It creates an exceptional contrast when added with gold. Many women tend to customize rings with these three together.

If your lady prefers contemporary and unique rings, the combination of diamond and sapphire is not too common. If your fiance prefers having jewelry that looks elite, you can get a solitaire sapphire engagement ring with diamond studs. This type of diamond and sapphire ring options are known to last long and make women happy.

Diamond and sapphire rings will help you give her the sparkle of lustrous diamonds and the lovely blue tone of sapphire. People who like the color tone are definitely going to consider the options. The combination suits men and they like these as well. Check out the top options we have added below.

14K White Gold Blue Sapphire & White Diamond Bridal 3 Stone Engagement Ring

3 Stone Engagement Ring

The diamond and sapphire engagement ring we have here gives a royal look. It is made of white gold and that adds to shine. There is a 3-stone setting that includes two diamonds on either side and one sapphire in the middle. All the gemstones in the ring are imported and certified.

The blue sapphire makes the ring design look unique and appealing. You might have seen many diamond ring options, but this combination is exclusive. The product comes in a neat package to make it a perfect gift item or to store it safely.

The options we have here can be the perfect diamond and sapphire engagement ring as it suits any occasion worn thereafter. The amazing craftsmanship and quality will assure you about the choice.

The engagement ring has dual bands with intricate design on the inside. It comprises of multiple prongs which hold the costly diamonds in place. It enables you to wear the ring causally without worrying about losing the diamonds and the gemstones. The ring is surely going to leave a lasting impression and stand out in the crowd.

All the diamonds in the engagement ring are certified and conflict-free. They comply with the Kimberley Process so there will be no legal issues for possessing them. You may buy the ring for engagement, anniversary gift or for any special occasions.


  • Designed using pure 14K white gold
  • Available in varied sizes
  • It comes with a set of engagement and wedding rings
  • It color of the sapphire is deep blue
  • All diamonds used are conflict free
  • It comes with exchange and a return policy within 30 days of purchase
  • Fit for all special occasions


  • Pricey
  • Size may be a problem if you are not sure about the exact size of the finger

14k White Gold Princess-cut Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Band Ring

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Band Ring

We all want to possess the most special wedding rings, as that is on aspect we are finicky about. The 14k White-Gold Princess-cut ring is the ultimate option for wedding or engagement special occasion. It is an apt excuse to shower love on your precious one. Each side of the band is 1/6ctw of diamonds. one.

The 10 Princess-cut natural deep blue sapphires blended with distinct Princess-cut diamonds, give the engagement ring an exotic look. All the channels are set well on a 14K white gold band with a back plate.

The ring exposes a wonderful illustration of your commitment and love. This diamond and sapphire engagement ring is suitable for weddings, engagements, proposal or anniversary. It is a sheer element to make someone feel special and loved.

Each side of the band has 1/6ctw of diamonds. The manufacturer guarantees that all the diamonds in the engagement ring are conflict-free. The diamonds are extracted in adherence to the Kimberley Process Certification System. All the diamonds are sourced from the mines that adhere to the local law.

The ring dazzles with sophistication and elegance. Express your love and gratitude for this stunning diamond and sapphire engagement ring. It is crafted in 14K white gold and the band features the row of princess-cut blue sapphires.


  • Pure 14K White Gold Used to Design the Engagement Ring
  • Conflict-free and sourced from friendly mines
  • Fit for all special occasions
  • Available in varied sizes to fit your finger
  • Deep blue sapphire and white diamonds used
  • The methods for creating the stones were natural
  • Princess-cut shapes of diamonds and sapphire
  • Heat treated material


  • It can be expensive for some people
  • Size of the ring may vary so choose the right fitted ring for your finger

14k White Gold Princess-cut Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Bands (1 cttw, H-I, I1-I2)

Women's Sapphire Wedding Bands

Here we have another option of the 14k white gold princess-cut ring. It dazzles like none other as it comes with 1 CT.TW diamond. The ring has 5 dynamic Princess cut diamonds alternated by 6 deep blue sapphire stones. The ring is one of the beautiful options that express love and gratitude.

The diamonds used in the ring are not extracted from conflict zones, making you sure of your purchase. The diamonds are extracted in adherence to the Kimberley Process Certification System, which is a UN-backed practice that certifies the actual source of the diamonds.

This ring is one of the ideally crafted design. Used as a gift for any special occasions, this option works well for men. Click through to know all about the product details and add it to cart.


  • Quality craftsmanship in 14K pure white gold
  • Designed with Princess Cut diamond and Princess cut deep blue sapphire
  • Available in varied sizes to suit your needs
  • Designed with 1 karat TW and maybe 0.95 to 1.10 karat


  • The diamond and sapphire engagement ring can be expensive for many people.


Going with recent trends that have brought a lot more options for engagement rings, you need to also consider the brilliance of gemstones. One thing that many men don’t know is the love of women for gemstones. Many think that they’d like to stick to diamonds or gold, but the truth is gemstones can get them equally happy. The combination of diamond and sapphire is one of the best blends that you can give you an engagement ring and is surely a unique option to try. Going with only diamond options have rather become cliché so why not try something different?

Note that sapphire and diamond are not just the symbol of love, but can also be the ideal option astrologically. Zodiacs like Aquarius, Tauras, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Capricorn can consider buying a mix of diamond and sapphire together. If you want to gift your wife for an anniversary or for her birthday, you can also consider buying a ring if she is born under any of these zodiacs. This is again different from buying couple rings for weddings, as in those cases these are like matches made in heaven. These rings are not just going to brighten up your big day but also guide you through the years of togetherness.

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