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Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Rings

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring: Top Choices Revealed

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Diamonds and Sapphires are something that is meant to go together. With so many choices and options, a Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring set truly goes down in your personal history with lots of excitement and romance like a romantic couple.

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

These rings are the perfect options for any special occasions like wedding and engagements. They are the symbol of love and gratitude that provides beauty, artistry, and elegance all at the same time.

Choose these ring sets as they provide you the chance to convey your love for the recipient who is very close to your heart. These types of rings are very popular amongst the brides these days.

Diamond and Sapphire rings are available in a variety of price ranges and you can buy at quite affordable rates. People with specific budgets can also find the best Diamond and Sapphire rings for engagements online. Buy these rings as it gives the satisfaction that you have invested in something that your loved one will definitely appreciate!

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring as a Symbol of Love

Sapphire Rings with DiamondThe true symbol of love is Diamond and Sapphire rings. The glittering blue sapphire when combined with diamonds to create the engagement ring truly looks wonderful. This combination is perfect for any special moment.

The Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring is the most sought-after option for women who tend to have something that is unique. They are unique than the conventional diamond engagement ring.

The elegant blue sapphire looks truly beautiful with diamonds on either side of the rings. It creates an exceptional contrast between the sparkling diamond and sapphire which keep the ring alive for years. This combination of Diamond and Sapphire is truly beautiful and highly preferred by ladies.

If your lady love prefers contemporary style, then sapphire rings with diamonds on it would truly complement her. You may buy classical three stone engagement rings designed with vivid blue sapphire flanked by two round diamonds. These types of rings will suit the persona of the lady very well.

If your fiance prefers having jewelry with the elite look, buy a solitaire sapphire engagement ring with diamond accents. It would be the best option for her. This type of Diamond and Sapphire Ring is known for its classiness. They are everlasting and make your engagement truly memorable.

Diamond and Sapphire rings will help you give her the sparkle of lustrous diamonds and color of splendid sapphire on a special day. It also gives the wearer the exotic feeling and pleasure for years. Your partner will really marvel at the beauty and elegance of her Diamond and Sapphire Ring. Over the period of time, she will definitely regard it as her most valuable personal possession.

14K White Gold Blue Sapphire & White Diamond Bridal 3 Stone Engagement Ring

3 Stone Engagement RingSet in White Gold, this Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring set features pure karat sapphire. It also features diamonds in 3 stone settings which give the wearer the benefit of two rings bands. All the gemstones in the ring are imported and certified. They are sparkling and 100% natural.

Designed masterly using the deep blue sapphire gemstone. The color of the stone gives the ring exotic and appealing look. The engagement ring comes with a complete set of a wedding ring. It is available in a gift pouch as complementary.

The rounded shape sapphire and a diamond ring are perfect for all occasions. The craftsmanship of the ring and its breathtaking design will truly allure the wearer and the onlookers.

The engagement ring has dual bands with intricate design in the gallery of the band. It comprises of multiple prongs which hold the costly diamonds on a place. It enables you to wear the ring causally without worrying about losing the diamonds and the gemstones.

This engagement ring with sparkling diamonds and deep blue sapphire is brilliantly cool & alluring, thereby making it is the perfect choice to celebrate your big day of life and achieve the romantic milestone. This blue sapphire ring will help you to make a lasting impression. It will stand out in the crowd with cerulean, deep and dazzling hue.

The ring has dual bands, of which the first band comprises the intricate design of the prongs and deep blue sapphire. The second band of the ring has diamonds installed.

All the diamonds in the engagement ring are certified and conflict-free. They comply by the Kimberley Process which indicates that the diamonds are conflict-free. You may buy the ring for engagement, anniversary gift or for any special occasions.


  • Designed using pure 14K white gold
  • Available in varied sizes
  • It comes with a set of engagement and wedding rings
  • It color of the sapphire is deep blue
  • All diamonds used are conflict free
  • It comes with exchange and return policy within 30 days of purchase
  • Fit for all special occasions


  • No, drawbacks found with the engagement ring
  • Size may be a problem if you are not sure about the exact size of the finger

14k White Gold Princess-cut Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Band Ring

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Band RingEngagement or wedding is the exceptional occasions which deserve a sophisticated symbol of love. This 14k White-Gold Princess-cut ring is the ultimate ring for any special occasion. It gives you the reasons and chance to express your true love for your better-half.

The 10 Princess-cut natural deep blue sapphires blended with distinct Princess-cut diamonds give the engagement ring an exotic look. All the channels are set well on a 14K white gold band with the exotic back plate.

It creates a wonderful illustration of your commitment and love. This Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring is suitable for wedding, engagement and also for other special occasions. It will surely stand out from the crowd.

The manufacturer guarantees that all the diamonds in the engagement ring are conflict-free. The diamonds are extracted in adherence to the Kimberley Process Certification System. All the diamonds are sourced from the mines that adhere to the local law.

Sparkling and dazzling with sophistication and elegance. Express your love and gratitude with this stunning Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring. It is crafted in 14K White gold and the band features the row of Princess cut blue sapphires.

Each side of the band is 1/6ctw of dazzling diamonds that are conflict-free. The breathtaking design and excellent craftsmanship make the ring perfect choice for wedding and engagement. You can also gift this ring on any special occasion to make the wearer feel special on a special day.


  • Pure 14K White Gold Used to Design the Engagement Ring
  • Conflict-Free and sourced from friendly mines
  • Fit for all special occasions
  • Available in varied sizes to suit your needs
  • Deep Blue Sapphire and White Diamonds used
  • Natural methods for created the stones
  • Princess Cut shape diamonds and sapphire
  • Heat treated material


  • No cons found in this Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring
  • Size of the ring may vary so choose the right fitted ring for your finger

14k White Gold Princess-cut Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Bands (1 cttw, H-I, I1-I2)

Women's Sapphire Wedding BandsLet your love shimmer and reveal her new beauty and display the dazzling 1 cttw Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring. Set in gleaming and shimmering 14k pure White Gold band. This ring embraces the 5 dynamic Princess cut diamonds which are altered with 6 romantic deep blue sapphires.

All together it creates a memorable accent to the special day. It helps you to express your love and gratitude to your better-half on the day. Moreover, the manufacturer guarantees that all the diamonds are conflict-free.

The diamonds are extracted in adherence to the Kimberley Process Certification System, which is a UN-backed practice that certifies the actual source of the diamonds.

This ring is masterly crafted with an exotic design. The ring is not only suitable for engagement and wedding. Used as a gift for any special occasions. The engagement ring has deep blue sapphire which gives the ring an exotic look. The rings are the perfect symbol of love.


  • Quality craftsmanship in 14K pure white gold
  • Designed with Princess Cut diamond and Princess cut deep blue sapphire
  • Available in varied sizes to suit your needs
  • Designed with 1 karat TW and maybe 0.95 to 1.10 karat


  • Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring has no drawbacks.

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