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King Will Classic 8 mm Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring

Black Tungsten Rings: Top picks and their reviews

Fashion accessories are more common for women than for men. However, when you need to consider buying wedding rings, it has to be for the two. Many men don’t like to have gold or platinum metals as those seem feminine to some of them. If you are looking for something unique, you can try out Black Tungsten Rings instead. These are reasonably priced, look elegant and can have varied designs. Check out some of the coolest designs we have for you.

Black Tungsten Rings

The black tungsten rings are made with a black plate put over natural gray tungsten. Tungsten is actually a chemical element, also popularly known as Wolfram. Some of its unique properties are the highest melting point, highest tensile strength, extreme durability, and marginal rarity. If you choose to possess black tungsten rings for your wedding, you are sure to own something exclusive.

The black tungsten rings are usually not in their purest form as those are difficult to make and are very expensive. The ones used in jewelry or industrial applications are usually Tungsten Carbide. This type of metal has several characteristics of the original Tungsten. These also need the same melting point and have tensile strength. It makes the ring scratch resistant and durable. The light gray color tone can be darkened with brush finishing.

Tungsten wedding bands are a little heavier than the ones in 14K gold. There is a common myth that it’s difficult to remove a tungsten ring during an emergency. It easily glides through the fingers or can be removed with a jewelry removal tool when tight.

Tungsten Ring

Different Styles of Black Tungsten Rings

Popular styles for men are:

  • Comfort fit rings
  • Flat bands
  • Rings with brushed layers
  • Channel set diamond tungsten rings

Popular styles for women are:

  • Thin contemporary bands
  • Channel set diamond rings
  • Tension set tungsten rings

For Tungsten tension set rings, one can use sapphires, diamonds, rubies or Moissanite for setting. Another important thing to consider is that all the gemstones should have a rating of at least 9.0 on the Moh’s hardness scale. This states that it can hold up a tension setting without getting cracked during the process.

Maintenance tips for Tungsten Wedding Bands


The Tungsten rings do not require any special cleaning, neither they are high on maintenance. To clean them, you can easily make a cleaning solution at home by mixing warm water with a few drops of any mild soap. Avoid using any ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to clean your Tungsten rings.

Tungsten Wedding Bands


Avoid impact of any hard substance on your ring to prevent scratches and keep Tungsten rings away from harsh chemicals. It is highly recommended to store Tungsten rings separately, away from other jewelry items. When not in use, keep your ring in the special ring box in which it arrived and keep the box safely, away from moisture.

Tips to buy the right Tungsten Ring

Remember the following tips when you go out to buy Black Tungsten Rings. These will help you to buy the right ones that are a quality product and will also last longer:

  1. Look for the retailers who offer a lifetime warranty or guarantee on the ring. Having a fair return policy is also beneficial in case the size does not fit or there are other issues.
  2. It is advisable to avoid any kind of plates on the ring.
  3. Make sure your ring is made of jewelry grade black tungsten and also that it is completely free of cobalt. There is no question of buying your rings from a retailer who cannot help you know what your ring is made of or give a valid proof.
  4. It is extremely important to check your ring size correctly before you buy black tungsten rings. They cannot be resized at all. It’s a good idea to visit your jeweler at least twice and two weeks apart, to get your size checked before you actually buy the ring.
  5. It is very easy to buy cheap Black Tungsten rings, both for men and women. Since you get what you pay for, it is advisable to buy quality Black Tungsten rings that are available for over $50. If you are looking for something lower than this, choosing Titanium or Stainless steel bands is a better idea.

Top 3 Black Tungsten Rings with their reviews

King Will Basic Men Wedding Black Tungsten Ring

King Will Basic Men Wedding Black Tungsten Rings

The classic design we have here is from King Will. It exhibits elegance and can be the most fashionable choice for your wedding ceremony. The quality is unmatched and the product is scratch resistant!

The surface of this ring has a brushed, black matte finish that adds to its look. It can beautify anything that men wear, be it formal or informal. The inner surface of the ring is polished and smooth. The comfort comes with the beveled edges that help avoid injury.

The width of the ring is 8mm, with a perfect amount of thinness and thickness. It makes it ideal to be worn by both men and women.

It comes in a jewelry box from King Will that makes it look presentable. This saves the trouble of a gift wrap or helps you store the ring when not in use. The ring looks and feels great between the fingers and is almost a steal at such a reasonable price.


  • Thickness is 2.5mm
  • Width is 8 mm
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Scratch resistant
  • Classic design and highly durable
  • A sturdy ring with the right weight
  • Brushed matte surface for elegance and class
  • It has a polished smooth surface on the inside for comfort
  • Beveled edges to provide extra comfort and avoid injury

Rosenthal Collection 8 mm Black High Polish Tungsten Carbide Men’s Wedding Band

Rosenthal Collection 8 mm Black High Polish Tungsten Carbide Men’s Wedding Band Ring

The ring we have here is from Rosenthal Collection. It is a perfect scratch resistant product that will last you long.

The ring is made of genuine Tungsten Carbide and is absolutely cobalt free. The product is heavy and lasting. The width of the band is 8 mm and has a 5 mm raised center. It looks black in color, comes highly polished and has a matte finish. It helps you make it an all-time wear and supports heavy-duty work.

The ring is a hypoallergenic one and that means the ring will not cause any kind of skin irritation or itching to the wearer. It will not give you any green patches as well. The product is of quality and serves you as it says.

The metal is as tough as a diamond in terms, so it works for laser engraves. It comes in a velvet ring box that keeps the ring safe for a long time. The authentic proof of quality and brand assures you of the product.


  • Width is 8 mm
  • Available in comfort fit
  • Made of genuine Tungsten Carbide and free from Cobalt
  • Scratch proof
  • Matte finish
  • Hypoallergenic and will not cause any kind of skin irritation
  • Can be laser engraved easily

King Will Classic 8 mm Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring

King Will Classic 8 mm Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band RingKing Will is one of the most highly rated brands of wedding rings. It assures quality and comes with a trustable warranty. This 8 mm black tungsten carbide wedding ring band is an all-time classic design. The surface of the ring is black, brushed and has a matte finish that makes the ring look elegant.

The inner part of the ring has a high polish and with a smooth feel. Another thing that makes it more comfortable is its rounded comfort fit when pitched against the standard fit of the other rings available in the market.

The 8 mm width makes it neither too thin, nor too thick. This makes it a perfect choice for both men and women. The ring can be easily worn by people who are highly active and always keep their ring on. The extra weight of the ring makes it durable. It comes in a special jewelry box from the brand, which makes a convenient storage.


  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Scratch resistant
  • Classic design and great craftsmanship
  • Black, brushed surface with a matte finish
  • High polish and smooth inner surface for comfort
  • Slightly weighty and highly durable
  • Available in a rounded comfort fit
  • Comes in a special jewelry box from King Will


Every couple has something unique in their relationship, so why should you stick to buying traditional diamond ring options? If you are not the stereotype of a lovey-dovey couple that is always sugary, you will love buying a pair of these unique engagement ring options. Yes, we are talking about couples who have hustled together to be with each other, who have always walked miles to achieve goals, the ones who are not just found dining at a restaurant but also hitting the gym together.

Couples who will love to choose the black tungsten rings are definitely fierce, determined, free, broadminded, and accepts any challenge that comes their way. They don’t have gender roles and are basically best friends about to live together. If you have always made people awe at the relationship goals you have achieved, these are the perfect ring options for you. On the contrary, if you are a lady who’d rather stick to buying diamond rings we have plenty of options for you too. Just note that you can choose these classy ring options and gift your man for an occasion and he’d love it. These don’t just look sturdy and durable, but they literally are what they look like.

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