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Wedding Budget

5 Wedding Budget Planning pitfalls to avoid

Ya ya, we understand. After all, it’s about your wedding! Like everyone else, you too, are probably already fantasizing about your Grand Fairy Tale Wedding. Well, nothing wrong about that!

We, at GetWedSoon, are constantly striving towards providing you with ideas to make your Wedding a grand occasion so as to make sure your Wedding day turns out to be the most memorable day of your life!

And, we want to make sure that those sweet memories last a lifetime. Unfortunately, they won’t, if you don’t have a proper Wedding Budget Plan in place.

Wedding Budget Planning

But, uhh. I don’t wanna look like the filthy frugal Uncle Scrooge! Relax, you won’t!

A very general misconception among people regarding this word ‘Budget’ is that it’s only meant for thrifty people. This generalization is absolutely false!

Let’s go ahead and explore why exactly you need a proper budget plan before going on a shopping spree.

Why you need a Wedding Budget Plan

You see, the entire drama of ‘Budgeting’ is ultimately aimed at guiding you to allocate your money smartly, i.e. spending generously on important items while cutting unnecessary expenditures. See the point?!

We know it’s very natural that your mind stops working in the matters of the heart. Not to worry, we are here! Just figure out beforehand what items you’re going to buy and how much you plan to spend on them. Sit for a chat with your close ones and take the time to prepare a detailed breakdown of all your expected wedding expenditure.

Also, go through the 6-Month Wedding Planning Timeline in order to start planning your wedding at least 6 months in advance.

We have listed 5 pitfalls you should watch out for, as they pose a high risk of disrupting your budget plan. To help you further, as a bonus, we have included a brief Wedding Budget Breakdown Analysis, which is arranged in 3 levels. For now, let’s concentrate on those 5 pitfalls:

5 Pitfalls to avoid

  • Wedding dresses and accessories

Wedding Budget

Of course, you want to look beautifully dressed on your wedding day, and planning a wedding on a budget must not stop you from doing so.

You just need to keep this one tip in your mind: When going shopping for gowns, do not go alone! Make sure you take a friend or family member who can give you an honest feedback.

That is because all of the gowns tend to look almost the same and it becomes difficult to keep in mind which style will suit you. You might find yourself in a scenario where you realize that you overspent on items that were just not worth it.

Plus, do keep in mind that storekeepers are out to make profits at your expense, so please be alert and make sure that you do not to pick a gown that is out of the scope of your budget. For more on choosing a wedding dress without blowing up your budget, you might want to refer to this post:

Wedding Dress Finder: Tips For Finding an Affordable Dress

  • Wedding vendor

Budget Plan for a Wedding

Planning on a budget tends to make couples overlook the need for a capable manager. The truth is, wedding vendors manage your cash, as well as the goods you will need on your wedding day.

Also, petty issues such as late floral delivery, or a band that doesn’t want to play your favorite song, won’t spoil your mood if you have an excellent vendor to manage these things.

So, hiring a nice wedding vendor could be a great idea for you. You can go ahead and use this excellent ‘wedding vendors’ guide here:

Wedding Vendors Guide

  • Guest List

Wedding Budget Planning

The guest list is another crucial aspect which you should not allow to disrupt your wedding budget plan. Try your best to estimate the exact number of guests you intend to invite and take care to make space in your budget to cater for them.

Also, the sitting arrangements should be well thought out before finalizing the list of guests to invite. Doing so helps you manage the space of your wedding venue efficiently, as well as saving you a good amount of cash by not inviting guests above the desired number.

  • Wedding card design and invitations

Wedding Planning on a Budget

So, you now have a vendor, you made up your mind about your dress and other accessories, and a list of guests. Now, your task is to send an invitation to people whom you want to invite to the wedding.

You need to do that one week prior to the wedding. Nothing really tricky here, just make sure your request list consists of priority guests at the top.

One important thing to keep in mind, though: Please don’t spend a fortune on producing flashy wedding invitation cards. 

Reason? No matter how attractive your card is, it’s surely not gonna be used as a home decor item by your guests. Yes, you guessed it right: It’ll eventually find its way into the garbage bin. Absolute wastage of money!

  • Wedding Date

Cheap Wedding Venues

Planning a wedding date is a very important part of having a memorable wedding ceremony. You need to consider many factors which include wedding ceremony timelines, greeting all your visitors, making plans for out-of-towners, weather, your own family, and friends.

So, try to plan your wedding on a day when most of your guests are free. But, there is also a drawback: Most of the weddings get expensive on holidays as rates get high. See, how easy it is to miss out on such intricate details while planning!

Well, this particular situation is a tricky one, and all you can do is to find a middle path i.e. set a date when most of your guests are free and explore naturally beautiful venues where you don’t end up spending loads of money!

Please consider the weather too. You obviously wouldn’t want severe weather conditions to play a spoilsport on your wedding day!

You must have understood well by now, that having a proper wedding budget plan smoothens the decision-making process. It also helps you limit your expenses and prevents you from landing into unnecessary financial trouble.

Wedding Budget Breakdown

One important thing we would like to point out here: Even if you are on a small budget, do keep in mind that having a memorable wedding day is more about you, your partner and your guests being happy on the wedding day than anything else! It is actually those joyful moments that you’re really gonna cherish all your life.

Wedding Budget Breakdown

So now, let’s head straight towards a brief analysis of wedding budget planning across 3 broad budget levels. Choose the one that looks most suitable for you, and tweak it a little bit here and there according to your needs and scope.

  • Budget Breakdown for $2000

Wedding under a Budget

With a budget of $2000, you get to stick to the basics without overdoing things. You can certainly plan your wedding at the town hall and your reception in a small restaurant. The following could be an approximate breakdown of expenses:

  • Venue/officiant: $100
  • Catering/Cakes/Serving: $750
  • Alcohol and drinks: $375
  • Photographer or professional friend: $400
  • 400 umbrella fees: $250

Total wedding expenses: $1,875.

  • Budget Breakdown for $10,000

Affordable wedding ideas

With a budget of $10,000, you get to stick to the essentials, while still having a change to spare for things like DJ, Caterers, and Florists. Below is an approximate breakdown of expenses:

  • Apparel: $450
  • Venue/officiant: $3000
  • Catering and other hospitality: $2500
  • Alcohol and liquids: $750
  • Print invites: $175
  • Photographer: $155
  • DJ: $850
  • Flora from a local grocery keep: $50
  • Decor/leases: $500
  • Different umbrella fees: $550

Total wedding expenses = $9,975

  • Budget Breakdown for $35,000 to $50,000

Luxury Wedding

With a budget in the range of $35,000 to $50,000, you can have a royal marriage. You can afford excesses like a Live Band, Photographer/Videographer, interior decor and a professional hairdresser while considerably sticking to the budget. Below is a detailed breakdown of expenses:

  • Venue inclusive of catering, alcohol and drinks, cake, and staff:  $14,000
  • Apparel: $1,200
  • Expert invitation: $400
  • Photographer and videographer: $4,000
  • Live band: $2,900
  • Wedding ceremony planner: $2,250
  • Decor: $2,250
  • Professional hairdresser and makeup: $400
  • Brunch: $1,450
  • Other umbrella fees: $1,000

Total wedding expenses = $29,850

And some intricacies…

Now that you are done with a Wedding Budget Breakdown, let’s remind you of some intricacies that you might have missed.

Your guests need a wedding guest book where they can pen their heart-warming message to you, you need to make available interesting and useful wedding favors for your guest (You can’t afford missing out on these amazing bottle opener wedding favors ideas!). And, of course, your wedding rings have to be gorgeous! They connect the couple and the guests together, and as such couples should never take them lightly.

Wedding Expenses

That is why at GetWedSoon, we always strive to give you the best tips regarding the intricacies associated with planning a wedding.

All in all, wedding budget planning shouldn’t really be a stressful process. With the right plans in place, and people to support you, the happiest day of your life can be a reality!

Do not forget to give us your valuable ideas in the comments!

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