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Guest Book ideas for a Wedding

13 Wedding Guest Book ideas you can’t afford to miss!

Picture your wedding day; you’ve waited for months after the initial proposal, planned ahead in detail and now it is here!

Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Friends and family have trooped in big numbers to grace your ceremony, and you just cannot wait to have fun with them on this unforgettable day!

Fun Guest Book Ideas

Looking to spend time with all of your family and friends coming for your wedding? Thinking of receiving compliments about how resplendent you look? Well, think again! The reality is entirely different.

According to a recent study, 71% of couples spend just a few moments of their wedding ceremony with their guests. 

So, how do you capture the memories of those few moments with your guests? The answer? The Wedding Guest Book!

Since it is nearly impossible to spend time with all your guests, a Wedding Guest Book is the best choice to let your guests express their love and blessings for the newly-wed couple. We have some great guest book ideas to help you save your sweet memories:

  • Monogrammed Wood Slice:

If your goal is to have fun and to be unique on your wedding day, then you must try out the wooden slice guest book. It is one of the fun ways for your guests to leave endearing messages for you.

They can be carved out to fit your persona and mounted anywhere in the venue that has easy access. Guests can easily walk up to the wooden slice, and leave their messages. Easy Peasy!

Monogrammed wooden slice fun guest book ideas

  • iPad Video Message:

Technology has greatly influenced our world, and it would be difficult to go through this list without mentioning a gadget. Guests can easily leave messages for you via iPad video message.

iPad Video Message for Wedding Guests

It gives the feeling of a live conversation with them.

  • Sports Balls:

Sports ball is a fun way of letting guests leave their messages with you.

Sports Balls as Guest Books

You can get glass balls, and decorate them with ribbons and markers, so guests can draw or write their comments and messages on them.

A bonus is you get to keep these beautifully decorated balls for life if you chose, so they can also serve as a decor piece in the home.

  • Wishing Tree Guest Book:

Wishing Tree Guest Book

The wishing tree is a splendid idea for a wedding guestbook.

Human-made ornamental trees are styled using beautiful pieces of paper. These papers hang from branches of the tree and could take shapes of different forms ranging from triangle to star and heart-shaped.

Guests can write their comments and wishes on the papers.

  • Plate and Platters Guest Book:

Plate and Platters Wedding Guest Books

Plate and dishes are a unique, and an affordable choice of wedding guest book. You only need plates or dishes, and markers to complete it.

The plates get to serve as the writing platform for your guests to pen down their messages to you. Cool, right?!

  • Autographed Vinyl Personalized Wedding Guest Book:

Autographed Vinyl Personalized Wedding Guest Book

Want your guests to feel like platinum-selling rock stars on your wedding day? Go for the autographed vinyl!

All you need is some old vinyl disks and colorful markers for your guests to write. You can also hang them on the wall for decoration after the wedding is over.

  • Heart-Drop Guest Book:

Heart-Drop Guest Book for a Wedding

The heart drop is a fun idea for a wedding guest book.

First, you carve out hearts and cards from wood. Then, you polish them to give a shiny appearance. Guests write their messages on the wooden hearts and drop them over the wooden cards.

  • Sea Shell Wedding Guest Book:

Sea Shell Wedding Guest Book

If you are having a beach theme wedding, or your wedding is going to take place by the seaside, then the sea shell guest book is the perfect choice for you.

You put Seashells in a pot, where guest can pick them up, write their messages on and put them back in the pot. It adds beauty to your wedding and is a creative outlet for your guests too.

The seashells can also be kept in the home for decorative purposes too.

  • Peacock Tree Guest Book:

Peacock Tree Guest Book

Simple yet elegant, the peacock tree is another excellent idea for a guest book. As the name suggests, the design of the tree is in the colors of the peacock feather.

Guests can leave their messages on the leaves of the tree. It’s fun!

  • Wine bottles as Guest Books:

Wine bottles as Guest Books

If you are having your wedding in a vineyard, then this is a great, sophisticated idea for a wedding guest book.

Guests can imprint their messages on labels of new wine bottles, or they can leave their comments on used bottles. Whatever your choice, it’s a fun way for guests to leave you compliments.

  • Wishing on cards:

Wishing Cards as Guest books for Wedding

Guest can leave messages on simple, blank cards.

During the decoration of your venue, you can have a basket of blank cards with instructions to guests to fill them out with their well-wishes and relevant suggestions.

It is an exciting way to get your guests involved.

  • Electronic Wedding Guest Book:

Electronic Wedding Guest Book

Another fun way to get your guests to interact with you and leave their messages is through the electronic guest book.

It is a splendid idea, especially if you do not have a videographer to cover your event. If you have an iPad or a camcorder, you can record those emotional moments for keeps.

  • Wishing Message on the Board:

Wishing Message on the Board

Somewhere in your wedding venue, place a white board. On the white board, place pictures of yourself and your spouse.

Make sure there is lots of space for guests to be able to write down their messages to you. It is an excellent and simple way to interact with your guests.

Hope you loved the ideas mentioned above. Tell us in the comments which one do you like the most? Also, do let us know if you think we missed out on some other interesting ideas!

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