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6-month Wedding Checklist

6-month Wedding Planning Checklist and Timeline

Stressed about planning your wedding? Can’t figure out where to get started? Sounds like you? Well, Thank God you somehow landed up on this post!

Wedding Planning Checklist

The wedding planning checklist given below is sure to take away all your stress if used effectively. It contains the most minute and important aspects related to your wedding planning, which you otherwise risk neglecting.

Why a Wedding Planning Checklist?

Okay, so first things first, there is a whole lot you have to do, and you sure as hell can’t do it all alone. So, it’s necessary for you to delegate some work to your friends and family members while working on the other details yourself. In addition, we are always a click away to help you out with anything related to your wedding planning.

Second, it would be a wise idea for you to save this article somewhere, or even take a printout so that the information given here comes in handy whenever you’re in confusion. You sure are gonna love us for this!

4 to 6 Months Before Wedding:

6-month Wedding Planning Timeline

  • Request for all wedding stationary (invites, envelopes, thank-you notes). draft out a wedding budget plan for the events, menus, venue, and playing cards. Order them now so as to get an early delivery.
  • Make a booking for flights to your honeymoon destination.
  • Prepare and send a list of your guests to the host of your bridal shower.
  • If your honeymoon is in a different country, make sure to take physical examinations and up to date vaccines before embarking on the journey.
  • Get your passport ready.
  • Buy your wedding rings, and have an engraving done (Click here for a unique wedding ring idea).
  • Tell your parents to buy their dresses.

2 to 4 Months Before Wedding:

6-month Wedding Checklist

  • Begin the addressing of invitation cards and envelopes for your guests.
  • Complete the list of people you plan on inviting to your wedding.
  • Make arrangements for thank-you items for your guests.
  • Make arrangements with your fiancé to acquire the wedding license. Familiarize yourself with your country’s law for license validation and waiting period.

Make sure to book the following:

  • Make reservations for a shuttle for you, your fiancé, your guests, and parents.
  • Conclude on your plans for your honeymoon.
  • Book appointment with your stylist.
  • Purchase wedding ceremony shoes.
  • Acquire presents for the wedding party, parents, partners, etc.

1 to 2 Months Before Wedding:

6-Month Wedding Planning Checklist

  • Make plans on how to take care of traffic and parking at your wedding venue.
  • Carry out the final fittings of your wedding dress.
  • Circulate invitation cards six to eight weeks before the wedding.
  • Go for parties in your honor.
  • Affirm rehearsal plans with the Reverend and guests.

Make sure to book the following:

  • Purchase ceremony accessories: unity candle, tapers, candle holders, guest book, ring bearer pillow, etc
  • Buy personal accessories: garter, cake knife/server, balloons, visitor keepsakes, car decor, etc.

1 to 2 Weeks Before Wedding:

Wedding Planning Timeline

  • Treat yourself to a body massage, manicure, pedicure and a facial treatment.
  • Get your groom to have a haircut.
  • Inspect the reception venue, food provider, and bartending provider.
  • Arrange gifts of appreciation for your family and friends to be handed out at the reception. Go here for some amazing ideas.
  • Conclude on the packing for your honeymoon
  • Pick out your wedding jewelry and ring
  • Pay the reverend to officiate at the wedding
  • Affirm all information with every carrier you’ve hired: church, singers, caterer, photographer, etc
  • Confirm guests’ accommodation.

1 to 2 Days Before Wedding:

  • Have a warm bath before going to bed. It helps you relax.
  • Try to go to sleep early, so that you wake up fresh on the wedding day.

Wedding Day:

6-Month Timeline for Wedding Planning

  • Make sure you enjoy a healthy breakfast.
  • Hand out envelopes with pourboire to designated individuals for distribution to parents and friends.
  • Give out thank you presents to guests.
  • Allocate plenty of time for the applying of makeup.
  • Have pre-wedding shoots with your family and friends.
  • Try to keep yourself relaxed. In case you feel anxious, sit quietly for 5 minutes, take a few deep breaths and try to understand that regardless of whatever is going on around you, things will work out fine.
  • Enjoy your special day! And saddle up for a brand new phase of life! We’re sure this Checklist will always remain close to your heart.

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