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Wooden wedding rings

Wooden Wedding Rings: An Eco-Friendly wedding ring choice!

If you looking for quirky wedding ring options then we have a surprise for you. Here, we will tell you all about Wooden Wedding Rings that not many people have used as yet. These are made of wood and are eco-friendly options. It is an amazing way to exhibit the natural beauty and is loved by people who don’t like metals. Check out the Wooden Wedding Rings that can add delight to your wedding ceremony.

Wooden Wedding Rings

The wooden wedding rings are an informal, versatile and quirky option for a wedding ceremony. There are many colorful hardwoods used to make these designs. These are then further patterned in a way to make the ring look attractive. You will find braided patterns, colorful inlay designs, and much more design options to go with. Many of these rings come with gemstones to give it an authentic ring-like feel. Since it is not a common option, there can be a lot of designs done to make it look exquisite.

The wooden rings are all hypoallergenic. These do not result in any kind of allergies to the wearer nor do they change the color of the finger. On the contrary, people who are allergic to metals tend to use these options to stay safe. Thus, the wooden wedding rings are gaining recognition.

Some of these wooden wedding rings are handcrafted, and you should not miss out on them. Their features are distinctive and look beautiful. You can customize these according to your design preference, and the ring you buy will never be owned by someone else.

Wooden Engagement Rings

Maintenance tips for Wooden Wedding Rings

The instructions for special care of wooden wedding rings will depend on the type of ring, its design, and finish. However, here are some special care recommendations that should be followed as a general rule when buying any wooden ring:

  • Make it a point to remove the ring when you know you will be exposed to water or moisture for a long period of time. For instance, while showering, bathing or swimming.
  • Keep the rings away from any kind of exposure to chemicals or abrasives.
  • It is fine to wear the rings while you wash hands regularly since the rings can withstand that. However, avoid wearing them when your hands will be exposed to water for a long time.
  • Remember to use a wooden ring polish from time to time to protect the wood.
  • Always remember to remove your wooden wedding rings when using cosmetics like hand lotion or hair gel.

Tips for buying a Wooden Wedding Ring

Ensure the right size

Since the wooden rings cannot ever be resized or restructured, make sure you buy the right size. A safe way to find out the correct size is to take the help of a professional jeweler. He might recommend you to visit him once again, within the next two weeks, and that is essential for the determination. You can also verify from two different jewelers.

Look for services and policies offered

Most of the retailers that specialize in wooden rings offer several extra services. These can be finishing touches and special policies like replacement or exchange. Look for all such services and policies before you make a final decision to buy a wooden ring from a particular place or from a particular retailer.

Wooden Wedding ring

Order in advance

Wooden rings that are handmade take about 6 to 8 weeks to process completely. So to be on the safer side, it is advisable to order the rings at least 4 to 6 months in advance from the actual date when required.

Determinants for vegans

If you are vegan, you might want to know about the finishing product that will be used on your ring. Some wooden wedding rings can have ingredients derived from animals or insects.

Design your own ring

There are endless possibilities when you are designing a wooden wedding ring. You can use objects like seashells or get hardwood from a park where you visited in your dating days. If you don’t know how to go about them, check out the best wooden wedding rings that are available online.

Top 3 Choices for Wooden Rings

Black Ceramic Flat Top Wedding Band Ring

BLACK CERAMIC FLAT TOP WEDDING BAND RINGThe eco-friendly wooden wedding rings we have here is from Metal Masters Co. The beautiful and sleek design is constructed with ceramic in black color tone. The center of the ring is inlaid with real Hawaiian Koa wood. It is protected by the ceramic. It wraps the wood and makes the ring look classy.

The diameter of the ring is 9 mm and goes well for all time wear. The ceramic used in the ring is lightweight and scratch resistant just like Tungsten Carbide. This makes it reasonably priced and yet having all the features of the rings that are made of Tungsten.

The ring arrives in a beautiful gift box that has a foam holder to keep the ring safe. It is also enclosed in a zip lock. You can save on the gift wrapping hassle with the attractive and strategic packing.


  • Width is 9 mm
  • Helps comfort fit
  • Constructed of black, high tech ceramic
  • The ceramic used here is scratch resistant just like Tungsten
  • The center of the ring is inlaid with real Hawaiian Koa Wood
  • Weighs light
  • The wood used in the ring is unexposed and completely protected
  • The inner surface is smooth and comfortable to wear

Titanium Ring Wedding Band, Engagement Ring with Real Wood Inlay

TITANIUM RING WEDDING BANDThe ring is another masterpiece from Metal Masters Co. It is 8 mm wide and fits in well with your size.

The ring is crafted of genuine solid Titanium and the center is inlaid with real wood. The Titanium as a metal is very light in weight but high on durability, this means you do not have to worry about your ring getting in contact with rough and tough surfaces.

The ring is also hypoallergenic that means the wearer will not have any skin troubles like itching, skin irritation or allergies even if the ring is worn for long hours. Neither does it change the color of the finger, like several other rings do.

The ring arrives in a beautiful ring box that is suitable for gifting. It’s also a great way to store your ring when not in use.


  • Width is 8 mm
  • Available in a dome shape and fits comfortably
  • The center of the ring is inlaid with real wood
  • Crafted in genuine and solid Titanium
  • Weighs light
  • The Titanium metal makes it high on durability
  • Arrives in a beautiful ring box
  • Has 30-day money back guarantee
  • Ring is hypoallergenic

Jstyle Titanium Engagement Rings for Men

JSTYLE TITANIUM ENGAGEMENT RINGS FOR MENThe Jstyle jewelry is a reliable one-stop brand for all kinds of fashion jewelry. Here we have another wooden wedding rings option that is perfect for men.

The ring weighs light and doesn’t make the wearer feel anything at all. The special wood inlaid pattern looks stylish. It has a vintage touch and serves as a perfect wedding ring. The width of the ring is a perfect 8 mm. The inner surface is smooth and polished for a comfortable wear.

The solid and durable Titanium makes the ring look highly masculine and woody. The ring also has an elegant crystalline appearance due to its great Epoxy craft.

If all these features were not enough to woo you, the ring comes with a 90-day money back guarantee or exchange policy. The ring also comes in a neat black velvet bag, that is an ideal pack for gifting. You can also store it for a safety and durability. It can be an ideal gift for a 5th anniversary, which is considered to be the ‘wooden anniversary’!


  • Width is 8 mm
  • Ideal for men of all ages enhances the masculine look
  • The smooth inner surface makes it comfortable to wear
  • Is made of high-tech Titanium that is solid and durable
  • Light in weight leaves no heavy sensation
  • Has an inlaid wood pattern
  • The ring has a crystalline appearance
  • Looks stylish and Vintage


The best woods that you must consider buying for your engagement rings are hardwoods. These include oak, hickory, ash, birch, eucalyptus, maple, sandalwood, applewood, aspen, dogwood, cherry, poplar, walnut, and elm. This list of wood types offer lovely grain designs and come with unique meanings that help couples make their perfect choice.

The endangered wood options might need you a little more consideration while choosing eco-friendly wooden rings. These usually include wood like Spanish Cedar, Brazilwood, Madagascar Ebony, rosewood, mahogany, and sandalwood. The rings made of these woods must be manufactured through the sustainable method and that means they are made from the branches that have fallen on the ground. Note that most couples want to go eco-friendly while choosing wooden rings and it’s not just about the style. Thus, enquiring about sustainable methods of manufacturing is usually expected.

We have listed the best options for you and they are manufactured with utmost care. Choose your option and buy them for your special day. You are surely going to set a trend because not much people have yet considered going woody with their wedding rings. These are extremely attractive and innovative ring options unlike what we have seen traditionally.

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